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Beyond Noise Reduction: Using NVH for Corrosion Protection - (11/13/2019)
Using noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) materials in vehicle repair is about more than just noise reduction and customer comfort. They also provide excellent corrosion protection.New technologies...
Engineering Breakthrough Speeds Up Manufacturing Process Part 2: Structural Polyurethane Adhesive Applications - (11/13/2019)
In Part 1 of our series, Engineering Breakthrough Speeds Up Manufacturing Process, we learned how fourth-generation structural polyurethane adhesives have a much shorter cure time than...
How to Choose and Use Thermal Gap Fillers - (11/08/2019)
Battery pack design isn't standard, so why should your gap filler be?With the rapid growth of electric vehicle (EV) platforms, there are many variations of battery pack design. Liquid-cooled heat...
Thermally Conductive Structural Adhesives for EV Battery Packs - (11/07/2019)
Heat is a concern for battery packs; it can reduce the battery charge rate, resulting in  increased charging time, and can even lead to damage of temperature-sensitive batteries. Today, auto...
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