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Engineering Breakthrough Speeds Up Manufacturing Process - (10/28/2019)
For bonding composites, plastics or painted metal, urethane structural adhesives offer benefits such as low exotherm, low odor and high elongation. Despite these advantages, OEMs have often used...
Why should you care about heat in EV design? - (10/16/2019)
When weighing their electric vehicle (EV) options, consumers often make decisions based on key performance metrics, including how far their vehicle can go on a single charge. Auto manufacturers are...
Application Tips for Sign Adhesives Part 4: The Special Case of Laminating - (10/14/2019)
Bondline read-through can present a challenge when laminating signs. (Laminating is the process of bonding two or more layers of material together with an adhesive.) Read-through creates panel...
Generate Revenue and Increase Customer Satisfaction with NVH Materials - (10/13/2019)
If a customer returns a vehicle to the body shop because it “just doesn’t sound right,” a technician now has to re-evaluate the repair.Regardless of whether the vehicle comeback is...
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