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Cockpit Controls and Actuators

  • Enable safer flights
  • Reduce pilot workload
  • Reduce aircraft weight
  • Optimize drag of wings
  • Enhance pilot comfort

LORD provides customers innovative offerings around the world with best-in-class cockpit controls from inceptors to electromechanical actuators that put pilot commands into motion.


Cockpit Controls / Inceptors

Throttle Control UnitThrottle Control Unit
Flap lever Control Unit Flap lever Control Unit
Speed brake
 control unitSpeed brake control unit
Nose wheel steering control unitNose wheel steering control unit
Side StickSide Stick
pedalElectrical pedal


Actuator for HelicopterActuator for Helicopter
Main door actuatorMain door actuator
Actuator for 
defence applicationActuator for defence application
Car lifterCar lifter
Trim actuatorTrim actuator
Oil cooler door actuatorOil cooler door actuator


Throttle Control UnitThrottle Control Unit
Pedal Damper Friction UnitPedal Damper Friction Unit
Force Transducer UnitForce Transducer Unit
Transducer unitTransducer unit


Cyclic pitch control damperCyclic pitch control damper
Yaw damperYaw damper
Pedal Damper Friction UnitPedal Damper Friction Unit


Advanced E-Motor Technology Conference 2019

Berlin, Germany

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Europe 2019

Munich, Germany

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo 2019

Stuttgart, Germany


Berlin, Germany

International Rubber Conference 2019

London, the UK

Coiltech 2019

Pordenone, Italy

Cockpit Controls and Actuators


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