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Weatherstrip and Glass Coatings & Adhesives

Weatherstrip Coatings | Flock Adhesives | Glass Encapsulation Adhesives

LORD Sipiol® Weatherstrip Coatings and Flocklok®/Flocksil® Flock Adhesives are durable, high-performing products that increase the lifetime of automotive sealings and significantly contribute to passenger comfort by reducing squeak and itch noises. Our products withstand the harshest environments and protect the sealing against abrasion, chemical and environmental impact.

Chemlok® Glass Encapsulation adhesives are used for the assembly of automotive modular windows, where they provide a strong bond between the polymer and the window glass. Our adhesive portfolio is suitable for applications with all common polymers used in the industry.

Our weatherstrip and glass coatings and adhesives portfolio covers a wide range of applications, substrates and surface requirements, serving the most demanding specifications in the automotive industry. We have solutions available globally, allowing for an efficient supply chain with manufacturing locations in Europe, North and South America, Japan and China.

We understand the critical aspects of our customers' businesses and accompany them throughout all steps of the product selection and implementation process. Our focus on research and innovation brings cutting-edge technology and long-term value to our customers, and our technical support is widely recognized in the industry.


Sipiol Weatherstrip Coatings

Our weatherstrip coatings improve the performance of elastomeric seals used on passenger and commercial vehicles. They are formulated to withstand a variety of challenging environments including UV rays, water and ice. They are designed to lower the coefficient of friction between the elastomer and the glass, the car coating and/or plastic parts and significantly lower squeak & itch noises, contributing to a quiet and dry ride for passengers. Excellent abrasion resistance properties protect the sealing against wear-off.

Typical application areas include primary and secondary door sealings, trunk, hood and sun roof sealings, corner molds, and sealings for convertibles.

  • High abrasion resistance and UV stability
  • Noise reduction
  • One-component and two-component systems
  • Water-based and solvent-based systems
  • Spray and brush application methods
  • All coatings can be over-painted


Flocklok & Flocksil Flock Adhesives

Flock adhesives are used to adhere polyester or nylon flock fibers to automotive sealings. They form an insulating seal around windows and protect from dirt, reduce noise, facilitate glass sliding, protect rubber from wear and weather-seal. Our flock adhesive portfolio is suitable for application on various substrates including EPDM and TPE.

Typical application areas include glass-run channels, inner and outer window guides, upper door sealings and inner door belts.


  • One-component solvent based adhesives
  • Different solvent compositions and curing times

Glass Encapsulation Adhesives

Our Chemlok glass encapsulation adhesives are used in the production of automotive modular windows. They form a strong bond between the polymer and the window glass during the encapsulation process. We recommend different adhesive systems to bond the glass, depending on the respective polymer used by the customer.

Typical applications include encapsulated side windows (modular windows), rear windows and windshields.

  • Product solutions for every type of polymer (PVC, RIM PU, TPE, EPDM)
  • Generations of proven performance
  • Different primers available



  • Engine hood sealing
  • Glass run channel
  • Sun roof sealing
  • Inner window guide
  • Trunk sealing
  • Primary door sealing
  • Secondary door sealing
  • Outer window guide
  • Windshield header sealing
  • Top case cover sealing

Our weatherstrip coating, flocking adhesive and glass encapsulation products provide high performance solutions across various automotive applications, including: engine hood sealing, glass run channels, sun roof sealing, inner window guides, trunk sealing, primary door sealing, secondary door sealing, outer window guides, windshield header sealing, top case cover sealing, and more.

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