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LORD Corporation’s Spindle Exchange Program Dramatically Reduces Turnaround Time for Bell 412 Operators

( 09/28/2015 )

LORD Corporation - the original component manufacturer and leader in aftermarket support services for elastomeric spindlecomponents and systems - now offers an exchange program for the Bell Helicopter 412 Spindle and Damper Bearing Assembly (Bell part number 412-010-190-105).

The Spindle and Damper Bearing Assembly consists of an elastomeric bearing, which is directly bonded to a life limited metallic spindle. When the bearing becomes worn beyond CR&O limits, operators can send the part directly to LORD for Repair & Overhaul (R&O).

Currently, turnaround time is four weeks for parts that qualify for repair and eight to 10 weeks for parts that require full overhaul. The exchange program will allow customers to receive repaired or overhauled parts from stock within a week from receipt and validation of the customer's exchange spindle.

Todd Haughee, Program and Product Manager for LORD Corporation's aftermarket business, noted that the program will reduce aircraft downtime associated maintenance. Further, the shortened lead-time provides operators the opportunity to reduce inventory, which frees up cash.

"This exchange program, coupled with product improvements and extended service life warranty, will increase aircraft availability and lower cost of operations, two critical priorities for our customers," explained Haughee.

More detailed information on the exchange program can be found online. Additional information about the extended warranty and service life program can be found here or by calling 1-877-ASK-LORD (select "AOG / Repair Station" option). Email inquiries should be directed to repairstation@lord.com.