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LORD Corporation Develops Adhesive with Improved Mold Fouling and Prebake Resistance

( 06/17/2015 )

LORD Corporation  has developed Chemlok 6270, an adhesive offering improved bonding performance and mold fouling, as well as premium environmental and prebake resistance.  

Developed to improve process efficiency and quality in manufacturing applications, Chemlok 6270 likely uses include seals, gaskets, bushings, mounts, industrial tires, rolls and rollers, as well as seismic and bridge bearing pads. With capabilities of bonding uncured rubber-to-metal substrates during the vulcanization of the elastomer, LORD Chemlok 6270 bonds a variety of rubbers including natural rubber, nitrile and EPDM to multiple substrates including aluminum, brass and grit blasted or phosphatized steel when used in combination with Chemlok primers.  

According to Travis Britton, LORD Global Market Manager, during technical evaluations for mold fouling, Chemlok 6270 exhibited low pull values after cycling, indicating low mold fouling potential.  In addition, Chemlok 6270 demonstrated low part weight loss, revealing low mold fouling and staining effect.   

"Low mold fouling and prebake resistance are key for customers to improve their manufacturing process," said Britton, "as it increases throughput, improves quality and yield, and enables faster molding."  

Offering improved prebake resistance (340 - 360°F / 171 - 182°C), Chemlok 205 primer combined with Chemlok 6270 provide a robust solution when bonding natural rubber (soft, sulfur). Aluminum substrates and thin metals soak up heat quickly in the mold and need improved prebaked resistance, and Chemlok 6270 meets this market need. Further, Chemlok 205 and Chemlok 6270 have similar results when bonding natural rubber (hard, peroxide/sulfur).  

Britton noted that customers are moving toward products that are easier to apply. In response to this trend, Chemlok 6270 can be rolled, brushed, dipped, or spray-applied.  

"As leaders in the rubber-to-substrate adhesive market, LORD continues to innovate, deliver solutions for unmet customer needs, and drive industry development," said Britton.  "Chemlok 6270 builds on our proven cover 2 technology with the added benefits of improved mold fouling and prebake resistance. This next generation of Chemlok meets the market demand for increased quality, process reliability and throughput, while maintaining industry leading bond performance and environmental resistance."