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LORD Corporation Expands Capabilities of Wireless Sensors with New Products for 2019

( 02/20/2019 )

RTD-Link-200 Wireless Sensor
RTD-Link-200 Wireless Sensor
Distributed wireless sensing designed for demanding applications - offering reliable
data collection in scalable network sizes
CARY, N.C. – LORD Sensing, MicroStrain — a global leader in sensing systems — has launched three innovations for 2019: two new wireless temperature nodes, which allow users to remotely collect data from a range of temperature sensor types, as well as a new wireless strain node that features three channels and a rugged, weatherproof enclosure.
“The latest LORD Sensing line of temperature sensors allows for distributed temperature sensing in demanding applications. Gone are the days of changing paper charts or walking around to manually download data from a temperature logger,” said Justin Bessette, Manager, Software & Wireless Engineering at LORD Sensing, MicroStrain.
Wireless Temperature Nodes for a Wide Range of Applications
The TC-Link®-200 and RTD-Link-200 wireless temperature nodes offer the convenience of wireless sensing while maintaining high quality and reliable temperature measurements in demanding applications. Users can remotely collect data from a range of temperature sensor types including thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermistors. Like all 200 series wireless sensing nodes, the latest offerings allow for on-board data logging as well as high speed wireless data transmission, allowing users to safely store data while at the same time transmitting the data to a central location for monitoring, aggregation and alerting.
Designed for use with common temperature probes, the nodes include cold junction compensation and linearization for thermocouples, and linearization of a multitude of resistance type temperature measurements. User configurable filter settings provide clean measurements even in EMI rich, noisy environments. The nodes feature low-power battery optimized operation for extended measurement life and are well suited for remote location applications and long-term condition monitoring. 
Wireless Strain Node for Demanding Applications


The SG-Link®-200 Wireless Strain Node has three Wheatstone bridge type inputs optimized for use with strain gauges. The SG-Link-200 features a weather hardened IP68 rated ruggedized enclosure with integrated long-life user replaceable battery. It operates across a wide range of ambient temperatures (-40 to 85°C) and is proven to withstand submersion for greater than 30 minutes at depths of up to three meters. The strain node is compatible with many sensor types including strain gauges, load cells, pressure transducers, and many more low voltage type transducers. SG-Link-200 is configurable for many applications, including outdoor structural health monitoring, off highway construction equipment, and vehicle field test & measurement. 
“Our SG-Link-200 is designed to withstand harsh environments common in off-highway, mining and agricultural applications,” said Chris Arnold, Product Manager, LORD Sensing, MicroStrain. “This product delivers the same high-quality measurements found in our other solutions and the same plug and play connection to any existing LXRS sensor network.”  
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