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LORD Corporation Introduces Higher Performing Pump-Off Control Load Cell

( 05/24/2018 )

                    Enhanced Reliability for Instrumented Sucker-Rod Oil Production Pumping SystemsPump-Off Control Load Cell

CARY, N.C. – LORD Sensing, Stellar Technology — a global leader in sensing systems — has announced the development of a Pump-Off Control (POC) Load Cell with improved performance and reliability when compared to competitive offerings currently used in the oil production industry. 
The Series CTH932 POC Load Cell was designed specifically to meet the industry’s need for a more reliable and durable means of measuring polished rod loads in production wells. The new state-of-the-art design extends usability and enables customers to enhance their control system capability to perform tasks such as prognostic health monitoring and maintenance. Designed for an extended cycle life, (50,000,000 cycles), the high durability stainless steel hermetic internal connector and cable exit design reduces cable fatigue with cyclic motion of the sucker-rod. In addition, the system offers more reliability in the field and a more robust mechanical package, ensuring the system can withstand severe environmental, electromagnetic interface and power disturbances. 


“This design sets a new standard for polished rod load sensing accuracy and durability enabling customers to enhance their pump-off control system capabilities with increased performance, reliability and uptime,” said Ron Gaines, chief design engineer, LORD Sensing. “Competing products suffer from lower performance, reliability and reduced features. Therefore, using our POC load cell will ensure customers experience less downtime and more production pump availability.” 
Unique Features & Benefits
  • Resists off-axis loading for more accurate direct measurement of pump load 
  • Improved static accuracy of 0.25 percent full scale output, resulting in better prediction of pump maintenance and more reliable production operation
  • Stainless steel, all welded hermetic construction, in a shock and vibration resistant design for superior environmental protection

For more information, call 1-877-275-5673, email sensing_sales@lord.com or visit http://www.stellartech.com/pump-off-control-polished-rod-load-cell-series-cth932/