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LORD Corporation Offers Popular Elastomeric Component Training at Heli-Expo

( 02/12/2019 )

Part of the ‘Manufacturers Technical Briefings’ Sessions, Course Meets FAA Recurrent
Training Requirements for Renewal of A&P, IA Certificates

(February 12, 2019) CARY, N.C– A popular training session proven to reduce maintenance issues and minimize downtime will be offered by LORD Corporation at the upcoming HAI Heli-Expo Conference, to be held in Atlanta March 4-7.  

Presented by LORD Customer Manager Francois Magnan on Tuesday, March 5 at 4 p.m. in Room B-403, this elastomeric component training will cover the construction, function, maintenance and inspection of these various types of components, then conclude with a question and answer session. As part of the Manufacturer Technical Briefings, this training course meets FAA requirements for recurrent training, admissible for Inspection Authorization certificate renewal. The free Manufacturer Technical Briefings are held outside the exhibition hall.

According to Magnan, though elastomeric components are now used extensively on all modern helicopters, the components are not always well understood by maintenance personnel and pilots, who are called upon to inspect them on a regular basis.

“Our experience has shown that too often parts are removed prematurely due to misunderstanding of the construction and workings of these complex components,” said Magnan. 

This session is tailored to helicopter maintenance technicians, and also benefit pilots, helping them with their daily inspections.

Scott Hayward, Chief Engineer of Wildcat Helicopters, validates the training noting that last spring, LORD trained Wildcat technicians and pilots on the inspection and care of the elastomeric components of their Bell 212s and 412s.

“This session addressed in detail the construction and the issues to look for while inspecting components on the helicopter,” he said. “This past summer, we saw the benefits of this training with very few calls from our deployed engineers on this subject, and no elastomeric parts being removed prematurely.”

Organized by the Helicopter Association International (HAI), the annual HAI HELI-EXPO is the world’s largest helicopter trade show and exhibition for operators, pilots, maintenance technicians, managers and safety professionals. LORD will highlight its MRO services at the show. With a repair station (GV1R180K) co-located within their factory, LORD supports complex aviation parts such as helicopter rotor components, engine isolator assemblies, cockpit control products and components, actuators, and Active Vibration Control Systems. They also provide PMA and STC solutions. Visit LORD at the Heli-Expo Conference in Booth B-4006.