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Understand the Importance of Training

( 02/01/2018 )

Rapid advancement in vehicle technologies means technicians need to know how to perform proper repairs and where to find this information (Hint: OEMs).

Making better collision repair decisions benefits both your business and customers by restoring the vehicle to its pre-accident condition and helping to ensure its safety as designed by the manufacturer. However, this becomes increasingly challenging as the technology in vehicles and materials used to manufacture them change at what seems like lightning speed. Vehicles technicians are charged with making repairs that are vastly different than just a few years ago. The Inter-Industry Council on Auto Repair (more commonly known as simply I-CAR) calls it the “Technical Tsunami,” which refers to the current and continued rapid evolution of vehicle technologies – i.e. advanced safety systems – and materials like aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and advanced HSS.

With this growing number of advanced safety systems on vehicles, collision repairers need to know more than just how to physically replace their components but also the interworkings of how they operate. All the sophisticated electronics of which these systems are composed are creating the opportunity for a specialized type of technician that will be in high demand. Read more on Page 30 of ABRN's February 2018 issue to learn how the industry is responding and tips you can put into practice in your own shop.