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Improve Aesthetics | Increase Structural Rigidity | Reduce Cycle-Times

Benefits of LORD Structural Adhesives

LORD Structural Adhesives provide architectural panel manufacturers with enhanced aesthetics, increased throughput and overall cost savings. We do this by providing a stronger, faster-curing alternative to adhesives typically used in the architectural cladding industry. Typical bonding applications include facades, architectural cladding, ACM panels, rainscreens, perimeter frames, and internal panel reinforcements.

  • Ability to bond dissimilar substrates
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Increased output through reduced cycle-times
  • High adhesion and durability leading to increased structural rigidity
  • Sandable and paintable
  • High-performance, two-part sealants
  • 25+ years of proven frame bonding

Example Applications of Architectural Cladding

Stiffner to Panel

Stiffner to Panel Bonding

Stiffeners are applied to panels to give extra support and rigidity, while reducing deflection in case of large panels. No matter if you want to bond stiffeners to ACM panels, honeycomb panels or rainscreen cladding, LORD structural adhesives offer the necessary durability and performance. Using our products as an alternative to traditional fastening methods can eliminate the scarring from welding and the need to remove worn out mechanical fasteners, reducing material costs and labor time.

Panel to Frame Bonding

Panel to Frame Bonding

With more than 25 years of proven frame bonding experience, LORD structural adhesives can join decorative or load bearing metal and composite panels to a rigid frame support, without the need for mechanical fasteners. Our products compensate for dimensional irregularities by filling in small gaps on poor fitting parts and distribute stresses throughout the bondline, proving a stronger bond seal, little to no read-through, and reduced weight and cycle times.

Hook/Fixing to Panel Bonding

Bracket to panel Bonding

Brackets bonded with LORD structural adhesives provide trusted higher peel strength performance without read through. Compared to traditional fastening methods such as rivets, welds, and tapes, LORD products eliminate the costs associated with metal preparation and finishing operations, and are formulated to improve manufacturing processes and final products for a variety of composite and metal panel bonding.

Butt Stripe for Panel Bonding

Butt Stripe for Panel Bonding

Butt system rails are used with cladding by the introduction of panel joint rails and internal cladding supports. Using LORD structural adhesives when bonding two panels together with a butt stripe can help optimize manufacturing processes, improve aesthetics, increase durability, and help prevent galvanic corrosion by forming a continuous seal between dissimilar metal substrates without disrupting currently present metal coatings.

  • Internal Panel Reinforcements

Internal Panel Reinforcements

LORD 400 Series

  • Panel to Frame Bonding

Panel to Frame Bondings

LORD 810/20 Low Read-Through

LORD 400 Series

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