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Chemlok® CB - Cold Bond Adhesives

One-Component Rubber-to-Metal Cold-Bonding Adhesives

LORD Chemlok CB - Early Adopter ProgramChemlok CB Early Adopter Program

LORD utilizes early-adopter programs to better characterize the benefits and limitations of new solutions before making them more available to the wider market.

To receive a free copy of our Chemlok CB Early Adopter Program Brochure, or if your company is already interested in participating in this early-adopter program, please contact us today!


Overview - Chemlok CB Room Tempurature Rubber Bonding

LORD Chemlok CB - One Component Cold-Bonding Rubber-to-Metal AdhesiveLORD Corporation, the world leader in vulcanizing adhesives ("hot-bonders"), now has a cold-bonding adhesive that is easier and safer to use than existing alternatives. Many existing cold-bonding adhesives for bonding pre-vulcanized rubber to metal are two-component adhesives that utilize carcinogenic substances. With that in mind, we want to offer room tempurature cold-bonding solutions consistent with our values of developing products that are easier and safer to use.

LORD Chemlok CB allows you to:

  1. Save Money - Chemlok CB is a one-component adhesive (i.e. it requires no hardeners). Quit throwing out adhesive that reacts before you can apply it!
  2. Work Safer - Chemlok CB contains no known carcinogenic substances.
  3. Ensure Quality - Chemlok CB is designed to deliver comparable strength and cure rates as existing two-component systems (cold vulcanizing cements).

Advantages - Chemlok CB vs. Cold Vulcanizing Cement

Comparison of Cold-Bonding Rubber-to-Metal Adhesives
Chemlok CB Typical Incumbent (REMA SC2000)
Solvent Package Ketone-based. No known carcinogenic properties. Trichloroethylene - NTP & IARC- classified as carcinogenic. Isocyanate.
1-Component 2-Component. Hardener required.
Application Method Brush, Roller Brush, Roller

Current Process: 2K Adhesives

Once mixed, material starts curing. It has a two-hour application window. How much adhesive is being wasted because it reacts before it can be applied?

Chemlok CB Process

One component - no mixing - less waste.

How Does Chemlok CB Work?

Chemlok CB works in a three step chemical process:

Application & Evaporation Reaction Initiated Bonding