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Chemlok Nomenclature

Applicable to most Chemlok products - please see product details for more information.

General Terminology

  • ChemosilChemlok (Regional branding difference)
  • Primer - Provides additional environmental protection, resulting in additional protection and strength under stressed environmental conditions.
  • One-Coat - Use of primer is not required. Only adhesive application.
    • NOTE: All one-coat adhesive products can be paired with a primer and used in a two-coat system.
  • Two-Coat - Primer application (required), then adhesive application.
Series Description
200 Vulcanization Bonding,
Solvent Based
8000 Vulcanization Bonding, Aqueous Based
Series Description
200 General Purpose or Urethane, Solvent Based
400 Specialty Materials
600 Silicone
5000 Flouroelastomers
6000 Environmentally Preferred Chemlok Adhesive
8000 Aqueous Based


Elastomer Bonding Basics - One Coat and Two Coat Adhesive Systems - How They Work.

  • Suffixes - Added diluted solvent (-T, -X), application method (-D, -S), or others.

Looking for more information about specific Chemlok products?

Adhesion Science

Learn about the adhesion science involved in rubber-to-metal bonding as well as general considerations for achieving a robust bond.

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Elastomer Bonding Principles

Production of high-quality bonded parts begins with two choices: the elastomer and the adhesive. Learn about choosing the right combination.

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Chemlok Selector Guide

Choose your adhesive by the elastomer type to be bonded and other key considerations. This guide lists the most common primers and adhesives.

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Application Guide: Solvent Based Chemlok

Proper application is essential for maximum results. Whether you're dipping or spraying, with this guide you'll learn how to maximize efficiency and optimize results.

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Application Guide: Water Based Chemlok

This guide highlights the factors, discipline and detail that should be followed to ensure the highest level of performance when using aqueous LORD Chemlok products.

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Chemlok Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Chemlok Adhesives? We may have already answered it here!

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Effect of Antiozonants on Rubber-to-Metal Adhesion

Because of the wide use of antiozonants in bonded mounts and the potential adhesion reducing impact of including them in the formulation, a detailed study of the effect of antiozonants was undertaken.

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Impact of Antiozonants on Rubber-to-Metal Adhesion

Emerging evidence suggests that antiozonants may also degrade a bond’s environmental resistance. Primary adhesion is only a first indicator of bond integrity.

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Carbon Footprint: Water vs. Solvent Based Adhesives

A comparison of the carbon footprint of water based and solvent systems further highlights the favorable impact that water based systems have for this key sustainability driver.

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