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Aeroglaze® and Chemglaze® Now Supplied by SOCOMORE

As a result of LORD Corporation's agreement to divest and license coatings to SOCOMORE, SOCOMORE will now be supplying existing and new customers with products from the Aeroglaze and Chemglaze product lines through a toll manufacturing agreement with LORD. SOCOMORE also has exclusive rights to the LORD Ultraconductive™ product line for the Aerospace and Wind Turbine Exteriors markets.



If you have any questions or require further information on the above agreement, products, MSDS, etc., please contact SOCOMORE's North American Customer Service Team at:

1-817-335-1826 or csr-na@socomore.com


Aeroglaze Coatings
Product Name/Number
Aeroglaze 9741
Aeroglaze 9743
Aeroglaze 9744
Aeroglaze 9924 Wash Primer
Aeroglaze 9924V Wash Primer
Aeroglaze 9929 Epoxy Primer
Aeroglaze 9947 Wash Primer
Aeroglaze 9953 Thinner
Aeroglaze 9958 Thinner
Aeroglaze A276 Polyurethane Coating
Aeroglaze K3425
Aeroglaze M1433 Elastomeric Coating
Aeroglaze Z306 Polyurethane Coating
Aeroglaze Z307 Polyurethane Coating
Aeroglaze Z3480 Polyurethane Coating