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8601 Polymer Resistor Composition Where to Buy

Product Information

LORD 8600 series polymer resistor compositions are designed for screen print application onto a wide range of substrates.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is six months from date of shipment when stored at 25°C in original, unopened container. Do not store near heat, sparks or open flame.

Features and Benefits

• Blendable System - each end member in the 8600 series is blendable with the adjacent members to obtain intermediate resistance values.
• Application Diversity - can be screen printed onto a wide range of substrates including printed circuit boards, ceramics, glass, phenolic, and flexible substrates that are capable of withstanding the thermal processing requirements of the paste.
• Solvent Resistant - cured film is resistant to many commonly used solvents.
• Convenient - easy to use with good rheological properties.

Uncured Typical Properties*

Appearance Black Paste
Viscosity, Kcps @ 25°C, Brookfield HBT, Spindle CP-51, 1 rpm 20-40

Cured Typical Properties*

Resistivity, ohms/square
Cured on alumina substrate @ 210°C for 30 min
Film Thickness, microns 14-18
Thermal Coefficient of Resistance, ppm/°C < 1500
Moisture Resistance, % < 10
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), % < 3

*Data is typical and not to be used for specification purposes.


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Download Technical Data Sheets 8600 Series Polymer Resistor Compositions