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Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers

LORD CoolTherm thermally conductive gap fillers exhibit low shrinkage and stress on components as they cure, will not depolymerize when heated in confined spaces and provides excellent thermal shock resistance. LORD CoolTherm® thermally conductive gap fillers are two-component systems designed to provide excellent thermal conductivity for electronic applications. In addition to acting as great thermal interface materials, our gap fillers also exhibit many desirable properties associated with silicones.

Our thermally conductive gap fillers have proven themselves in some of the newest and most challenging applications, such as battery applications in the electric vehicle and energy storage industries. To learn more about how our liquid dispense gap fillers outperform thermal gap pads, read our white paper.

Our gap fillers also compliment our wide range of materials for microelectronics assembly, which include both thermally conductive and non-thermally conductive products. This range of materials includes surface mount and die attach adhesives, as well as glob top, dam and underfill encapsulants.


LORD CoolTherm® Gap Fillers - Features and Benefits

  • Low Stress: Exhibits low shrinkage and stress on components as it cures.
  • Durable: Will not depolymerize when heated in confined spaces.
  • Environmentally Resistant: Provides excellent thermal shock resistance.



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