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QDO® Vulcanizing Agent Where To Buy

Product Information

LORD Quinone Dioxime (QDO®) agent is a non-sulfur vulcanizing agent for synthetic elastomers. It is used extensively for rapid curing of butyl stocks requiring heat resistance. Elastomers of this type are used to fabricate high voltage wire/cable products; molded electrical components; and heat-resistant seals and hose.

QDO agent is also used as part of the curative system for liquid butyl elastomers. These compounds are formulated as coatings, sealants and electrical encapsulants.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is two years from date of shipment when stored in a cool, dry environment at 10-32°C (50-90°F) in original, unopened container.

Features and Benefits

Heat Resistant – improves heat and electrical resistance of butyl stocks.

Versatile – activated with red lead, benzothiazyl disulfide (MBTS), or peroxides; available in elastomer compatible dispersions.

Appearance Dark Gray to Tan Solid
Specific Gravity 1.4
Solids Content by Weight, % 99 min
Quinone Dioxime Content, % Weight 90-100
Flash Point Flammable Solid
Particle Size, % Weight 2 max
Acetone Insolubles, % Weight 5 max
Decomposition Temperature, °C (°F) 223 (433) min

*Data is typical and not to be used for specification purposes.


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