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August 25 – 27, 2020
Novi, Mi

Adhesives & Bonding Expo 2020

LORD Structural Adhesives for Aesthetics, Strength & Durability

For more than half a century we have been developing and manufacturing high-performance adhesive products. We are proud to offer you a range of bonding adhesives utilizing acrylic, epoxy and urethane technologies, designed to endure exposure to environmental conditions, improve appearance, strength and durability—all while offering you design flexibility and total cost savings. Compared to traditional fastening methods such as rivets, welds and tapes, LORD Structural Adhesives eliminate the costs associated with metal preparation and finishing operations to improve your manufacturing processes.

Panel Discussion: Buyers Guide - Selecting Adhesives and Joining Methods for Your Application

Steve Webb, Senior Applications Engineer

TBD | Suburban Center

Steve Webb, Senior Applications Engineer

New Developments in Next-Generation Acrylic Adhesive Technology

This presentation will showcase both the improved performance and applications where next-generation acrylics met fabrication demands and resulted in better, cost-efficient products.

Presentation: Achieving Lightweighting Through Material Bonding and Composite Structures

John Lean, Structural Adhesives Technology

TBD | Suburban Center

John Lean

It’s Not Just the Substrate: Challenges for Adhesive Bonding of Plastics and Composites

Unlike typical adhesive applications, strength is not the number one performance criteria. Aesthetics, cure kinetics and processes are the criteria in determining which adhesive to use.

Featured Products and Solutions

Truck | Trailer | Bus

Improve strength, durability, enhance exterior aesthetics and reduce cost compared to mechanical fastening methods.

Applications: Heavy-Duty Trucks, Boom Trucks, Utility Trucks, Box Trucks



Build lightweight vehicles, lower emissions and replace mechanical fasteners.

Applications: Head Lamps, Liftgates, Spoilers, Accessories, Battery Boxes


Bond and seal a variety of substrates with multiple cure speeds in order to adapt to your manufacturing environment.

Applications: Cladding, Sign, HVAC, Cables, Off-Highway Equipment

Emergency Vehicles

Improve aesthetics, reduce weight and eliminate water leaks by replacing rivet with structural adhesives.

Applications: Ambulance, Fire Truck

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