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August 23-25, 2020
Orlando, FL

ISA Sign Expo 2020

LORD Sign Adhesives Replace Welding, Riveting and Mechanical Fasteners

LORD® Sign Structural Adhesives eliminate the need for rivets, welding and mechanical fastening. Our sign adhesives bond dissimilar materials, provide improved appearance, insulate against galvanic corrosion and offer excellent environmental resistance. Reduce your labor time and assembly costs with LORD Sign Adhesives. We have UL-approved adhesives for bonding metals, plastics and composites. 

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Enter the Contest below for a chance to win LORD Sign Adhesives. We will select the winner after the 2020 ISA Sign Expo.

Featured Products and Solutions

Signlok Adhesives

Signlok™ sign adhesives provide right-sized packaging to fit most jobs and eliminate waste, are UL approved and have long shelf life options that reduces costs.

LORD 7550 Urethane Adhesive

LORD 7550 adhesive is an equal-mix, two-component clear urethane adhesive system used to bond Lexan®, ABS, polycarbonate and other plastics. This adhesive will also bond primed metals.

LORD 7610 DTM Urethane Adhesive

LORD 7610DTM direct-to-metal adhesive/sealant is a single-component, moisture-cure product offering excellent adhesion to various substrates including many plastics, glass, concrete, wood and metals, especially precoated metals.

Signlok 810 Adhesive

Signlok 810 adhesive is a two-component adhesive system designed for bonding metals, such as aluminum, aluminum composite material (ACM), galvanized steel and CRS, and engineered plastics, such as PC-ABS. LORD Signlok 810 adhesive delivers fast cure speed and strong bonding with minimal bondline read-through (BLRT).

Metal Sign Box Assembly

LORD Adhesives For Sign Bonding