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On Demand Webinar: Selecting Adhesives for Automotive Lightweighting

Presented by Matteo Lando, Manager Automotive and Jeffrey Chapman, Sr. Staff Scientist 

Assembling internal combustion engine cars and electric vehicles using structural adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners not only results in process efficiencies but can help increase performance. The benefits of using structural adhesives aren’t confined to the manufacturing phase. Lighter-weight cars can travel farther per gallon or charge than heavy vehicles.

Lightweighting with Adhesives

What We Cover: 

  • Key trends in lightweighting that affects both ICE cars and EVs
  • The impact on materials being used and implications on joining technique
  • Differences in multiple adhesives (different chemistries, 1k/2k, thermal/structural)
  • Application areas where adhesives can successfully be used
  • Design and manufacturing considerations of using structural adhesives for automotive assembly

Presenter: Matteo Lando

Manager Automotive OEM's, Parker LORD

With a strong experience in the Automotive Market, Matteo leads the EMEA sales organization driving the Electrification and lightweight divsional road map in the region.