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On Demand Webinar: Fast-Curing Structural Polyurethane Adhesive Increases Manufacturing Throughput

Fast-Curing Structural Adhesives

Manufacturers have benefited from replacing mechanical fasteners with structural adhesives when bonding composites, plastics and painted metal. Additional benefits—such as lower exotherm, lower odor and higher elongation accrue when structural polyurethane adhesives replace acrylic and methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA). 

Background on Urethanes

A historic barrier to urethane adoption, has been its slower cure rate. Specifically, most urethanes have a linear relationship of open time to cure time, so adhesives that offer reduced handling time also present a very short open time, leaving inadequate time for product assembly. Conversely, adequate open times are associated with slow cure times for polyurethanes. In this way, polyurethanes have traditionally been at a disadvantage compared to the fast rate of cure with MMAs, which allowed for quicker production rates.

Adding heat to cure urethanes has been a common solution, but this adds the cost of heated tooling to the manufacturing costs, as well as creating potential quality issues with ‘cold spots’ in heated tooling. Polyurethanes requiring heat to fully cure can experience incomplete cure.


What You'll Learn:

  • Cure profile like an acrylic (MMA), offering faster throughput for manufacturing
  • Room temperature curing adhesive

  • Resolve quality issues with cold spots in heating or improper tooling temperature at startup
  • Process strength (1000 psi (6.9 MPa)) is the level of cure needed by an adhesive in order to safely perform further manufacturing operations, such as cutting or assembly

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Presenter: Stephen Webb

Sr. Applications Engineer, Parker LORD 

In his 20+ years at Parker LORD, Stephen Webb has held roles of adhesive chemist, tech services manager, Business development in both domestic and international areas.