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On Demand Webinar: Structural Adhesives for Trailer Manufacturing

Structural adhesives are a great way to replace traditional fastening methods for greater cost and time savings. Hear how the trailer industry is evolving by utilizing adhesives and sealers during manufacturing. Structural adhesives offer tools for the manufacturer to replace and/or reduce welds, rivets and mechanical fasteners. Choosing the right adhesive for the right application can improve the aesthetics, reduce manufacturing and warranty costs as well as improve cycle times. In this webinar, we’ll not only review the chemistry of structural adhesives, but look at many different proven application examples of where and how these adhesives are used on trailers today.

Structural Adhesives for Trailer Manufacturing

What We Cover

  • Recognize how structural adhesives are replacing and augmenting traditional assembly 

  • Learn how adhesives can save time and money, compared to traditional fastening methods

  • Hear about innovative seam sealing solutions

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Presenter: Stephen Webb

Sr. Applications Engineer, Parker LORD 

In his 20+ years at Parker LORD, Stephen Webb has held roles of adhesive chemist, tech services manager, Business development in both domestic and international areas.

Presenter: John Higgins

Central Regional Sales Manager

John Higgins serves as the Central Regional Sales Manager. John brings 25 years of experience with adhesive and sealants in both structural and electronic applications. John's main focus is on transportation, off-highway and general industrial markets.