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Upcoming & On-Demand Webinars

Join our experts for a deep-dive into our products, features, industry trends and more. 

Webinar: Sign Series

Join us for this educational webinar series on all things related to bonding signs. Presented by: Yorston & Associates and Parker LORD

  • June 4: [LIVE] Q&A on Sign Adhesives

Webinar: Vibrations 101

June 3, 2020 

It’s tempting to think of vibration isolation as a simple matter of putting a vibration mount between an object and whatever it’s resting on. Anything must be better than no mount at all, right? Actually, it’s not always right. In some cases you can create problems by adding a vibration mount to a system. Join this session to learn more about how vibration actually occurs and the basic compromises in implementing vibration isolation.

Webinar: Serviceability of EV Battery Packs

June 10, 2020 

Electric vehicle batteries, much like traditional combustion engine batteries need to be repaired or replaced as they age. As EVs are designed and rolled off the production line using more innovative materials for assembly, it becomes more complex to remove or repair battery pack components. This webinar will address serviceability of electric vehicle battery packs and different methods for assembly. 

Webinar: Flame Resistant Coatings for EV Battery Packs

June 17, 2020

When designing battery packs for electric vehicles, fire safety in the event of battery cell failures is a difficult challenge to solve. Join Parker LORD’s webinar on fire-resistant coatings to learn how these products enable the use of lighter weight substrates while maintaining fire-safety standards. 

Webinar: Mechanics of Engine Mounts and Shimmy Dampers

July 9, 2020

Join Emily Mogel, Mechanical Engineer, for a presentation that will cover general aviation engine mounting systems, designs, installations, and maintenance, followed by a discussion of the functionality and technology behind Lord’s unique fluid-free shimmy dampers.

On-Demand Webinars

Watch When You Can

Missed a webinar? No problem! See below on-demand webinars and watch when you can. 

On-Demand: Selecting Adhesives for Automotive Lightweighting

Assembling internal combustion engine cars and electric vehicles using structural adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners not only results in process efficiencies but can help increase performance. The benefits of using structural adhesives aren’t confined to the manufacturing phase. Lighter-weight cars can travel farther per gallon or charge than heavy vehicles.

On-Demand: Fast-Curing Structural Polyurethane Adhesive Increases Manufacturing Throughput


Manufacturers have benefited from replacing mechanical fasteners with structural adhesives when bonding composites, plastics and painted metal. This presentation discusses a new generation of polyurethanes have low exotherm, odor and cost with rapid rate of cure.


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