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Upcoming & On-Demand Webinars

Join our experts for a deep-dive into our products, features, industry trends and more. 

Webinar: Reducing Vibrations for Electric Aircraft & UAM

March 10, 2021 | 1100 UTC / 6:00 AM ET

Vibration is everywhere!  As the aerospace industry moves toward electrification of systems, there are many hurdles to overcome. Though it’s not a new challenge, vibration can cause damage to all types of components new and old.

Webinar: Winning the Challenge Against Mother Nature – How Deepwater Rigs Conquer Extreme Environments with TJ Packers

March 30, 2021 | 2:00 PM EST

Offshore drilling is especially challenging due of the remote location and the dangers associated with operating in depths that can reach nearly 10,000 feet.  Mother Nature provides additional confrontations via wind, ocean swells, and heavy seas. Operating through the storms without expensive, unplanned downtime requires reliable and innovative products so you can drill longer and deeper without interruption. 

On-Demand Webinars

Watch When You Can

Missed a webinar? No problem! See below on-demand webinars and watch when you can. 

On Demand Webinar: Selecting Adhesives for Automotive Lightweighting

Assembling internal combustion engine cars and electric vehicles using structural adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners not only results in process efficiencies but can help increase performance. The benefits of using structural adhesives aren’t confined to the manufacturing phase. Lighter-weight cars can travel farther per gallon or charge than heavy vehicles.

On Demand: Fast-Curing Structural Polyurethane Adhesive Increases Manufacturing Throughput


Manufacturers have benefited from replacing mechanical fasteners with structural adhesives when bonding composites, plastics and painted metal. This presentation discusses a new generation of polyurethanes have low exotherm, odor and cost with rapid rate of cure.


On Demand Webinar: Sign Series

Join us for this educational webinar series on all things related to bonding signs. Presented by: Yorston & Associates and Parker LORD

  • Powder Coating with LORD Adhesives

  • How to Get Started with LORD Sign Adhesives

  • Cross-Bonding with LORD Sign Adhesives

  • Metal Bonding with LORD Signlok & Maxlok Adhesives

  • Urethane Adhesives for Sign Fabrication

  • Channel Letter Assembly

On Demand Webinar: Vibrations 101

It’s tempting to think of vibration isolation as a simple matter of putting a vibration mount between an object and whatever it’s resting on. Anything must be better than no mount at all, right? Actually, it’s not always right. In some cases you can create problems by adding a vibration mount to a system. Join this session to learn more about how vibration actually occurs and the basic compromises in implementing vibration isolation.

On Demand Webinar: Serviceability of EV Battery Packs

Electric vehicle batteries, much like traditional combustion engine batteries need to be repaired or replaced as they age. As EVs are designed and rolled off the production line using more innovative materials for assembly, it becomes more complex to remove or repair battery pack components. This webinar will address serviceability of electric vehicle battery packs and different methods for assembly. 

On Demand Webinar: Flame Resistant Coatings for EV Battery Packs

When designing battery packs for electric vehicles, fire safety in the event of battery cell failures is a difficult challenge to solve. Join Parker LORD’s webinar on fire-resistant coatings to learn how these products enable the use of lighter weight substrates while maintaining fire-safety standards. 

On Demand Webinar: Adhesion Improvement Primer for Vulcanized Natural Rubber

Save money and work safer with Chemlok Cold-Bond adhesives to bond vulcanized rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-rubber at room temperature. Join us to learn how our cold-bond adhesives are VOC-free and are commonly used for belt and conveyor repairs.

On Demand Webinar: How COVID-19 is Driving Robot and Drone Innovations

Sensors are a driving force behind a lot of the position and motion technology on robots and drones. Join Justin Bessette, Engineering Technology Manager and David Fager, Sensing Sales Manager for a look at how technology is evolving in response to COVID-19 and how companies can get their products to market, quicker, with the right technology in place.

On Demand Webinar: The Right Amount of Force: Reworkability of Gap Fillers in EV Battery Packs

The fast-growing electric vehicle market demands robust and efficient thermal management solutions for battery packs, such as gap fillers and thermal pads. Gap fillers outperform thermal pads to achieve lower thermal impedance, as the gap fillers conform to surface roughness before curing. This allows gap fillers to adhere well to surfaces and provide mechanical support during normal operation. However, this also poses a challenge during repair, removal and re-manufacturing. Currently, there is no set standard for measuring vertical pull-off, and hence, there is a lack of knowledge on what level of pull-off force is needed to service these battery packs.

On Demand Webinar: MRO Repair Station Capabilities

Take a virtual tour of our MRO Repair Station with Scott Waite as your guide. Our aviation repair station has been serving MRO customers since 1978 so you know we’ve got the expertise and tools to keep you flying.  But what really happens to a part that’s sent in for repair? We’ll show you the ins and outs of the process including cryogenic salvage to finished part and explain why each step of the process is critical to meeting your flight and safety needs.

On Demand Webinar: Seam Sealers for Manufacturing

Parker LORD now offers a line of seam sealers for all your challenging sealing manufacturing needs. We will highlight the overall seam sealing market and discuss the process and questions necessary to ask when adding seam sealing to a manufacturing operation.  After receiving a good overview on how to select an appropriate seam sealer, we will show examples of successful seam sealer applications and what made this selection successful for our customers.

On Demand Webinar: Transform Regular LSR into Self-Bonding LSR

Chemlok 3Stream is a new adhesion additive technology disrupting the LSR industry by transforming regular LSR into self-bonding LSR, without the premium cost and lead time associated with self-bonding LSRs or the labor and volatile organic compounds associated with traditional primer/adhesive applications.

On Demand Webinar: Functional Safety in Steering Sensors for Steer-by-Wire

Parker LORD will provide an introduction to functional safety of steering sensors for steer-by-wire systems, specifically focusing on our Tactile Feedback Device (TFD®) Steering Unit technology which has been deployed in various steer-by-wire applications for more than 20 years. Our TFD has two main functions: 1) provide a reliable steering signal for vehicle control; and 2) create variable and controllable tactile feedback to the operator.

On Demand Webinar: How to Select an Engine Isolation System

Vibrations, from indiscernible to intense, can negatively impact the performance, reliability, comfort and safety of the equipment you design. The adverse effects can range from simple annoyances to shorted equipment life. The right vibration isolator, properly applied, will improve your products. They will operate more smoothly and quietly, and they will be less disturbing to surrounding equipment and personnel, less susceptible to damage. Elastomeric vibration isolators provide cost-effective solutions to problems involving vibration, shock and structural noise control.

On Demand Webinar: Structural Adhesives 101

Structural adhesives (acrylic, epoxy and urethane adhesives) improve appearance, strength and durability, while offering design flexibility and total cost savings. Compared to traditional fastening methods such as rivets, welds and fasteners, structural adhesives eliminate the costs associated with metal preparation and finishing operations to improve your manufacturing processes. These adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications across many industries. If you’re looking to learn more about adhesives, this is the webinar for you.

On Demand Webinar: Using Data to Power Technology

Join us for a look at how MicroStrain wireless sensors are being used to accelerate the development of an all-electric aircraft large enough to carry passengers. Beta Technologies' prototype Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft is the first of its kind and could be used to save lives. In order to validate its safety and rapidly iterate the design of the aircraft, it is critical to have a sensor measurement system capable of accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements in all environments. MicroStrain wireless sensors are aiding in that purpose and helping bring prototypes to market faster.

On Demand Webinar: New Castable Urethane Adhesives

Chemlok 701 is a newly developed primer for bonding both mainstream castable polyurethanes and tougher to bond high-performance castable urethane products to metal. This primer was designed to perform well in tough environmental conditions like elevated temperatures and high humidity. In addition, the two-component system (CH 701/702) can be used for extreme conditions like direct water exposure at elevated temperatures.

On Demand Webinar: How to Solve Common Mold Release Problems

LORD LokRelease mold release is a family of fast curing release agents designed for use with molded elastomers. This mold release solution provides a semi-permanent, anti-stick surface coating for fast, easy part removal from molds. LokRelease is formulated to increase time between mold-picking and reduce mold fouling in the rubber-to-substrate molding processes. Our mold releases have been used in LORD rubber-to-metal part manufacturing facilities for years.

On Demand Webinar: Structural Adhesives for Service Truck Manufacturing

Service Trucks and Specialty Vehicles are unique in that they are made based on the job(s) they’re going to carry out, and that often requires high-skilled labor, ever-changing designs and drawings, and lots of flexibility to meet end-user requirements.  Especially in the world of a pandemic, lead times are becoming increasingly long as both demand surges and product availability decreases. Want to alleviate some of these challenges?  In this webinar you’ll learn how structural adhesives hold up to various service truck applications, as well as how they can be used to increase design flexibility, product strength, and long-term durability while decreasing overall manufacturing time and costs.

On Demand Webinar: Rotorcraft Elastomeric Component Inspection Training

Used extensively on all modern helicopters, elastomeric components are one of the main reasons for the vast improvements in performance and reliability these new aircraft exhibit. These components use leading edge technologies not always well understood by maintenance personnel and pilots, even though they are called upon to inspect them on a regular basis. Our experience has shown that too often, parts are removed prematurely due to a misunderstanding of the construction and workings of these complex components.

On Demand Webinar: Mechanics of Engine Mounts and Shimmy Dampers

Join Emily Mogel, Mechanical Engineer, for a presentation that will cover general aviation engine mounting systems, designs, installations, and maintenance, followed by a discussion of the functionality and technology behind Lord’s unique fluid-free shimmy dampers.

On Demand Webinar: SPE IIA - or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Elastomer

Owners, operators and maintainers regularly look for ways to expand the life of their rotary wing equipment and reduce direct operating and maintenance costs. One way is to look for longer-lasting parts.  But do you know why a certain type of part has a longer life than another?  What’s the difference?

Webinar Series: Thermal Management Virtual Academy

Join our experts for this 5 part educational series on all things thermal management. Whether you’re new to the industry, new to a project or looking to brush up on your knowledge this series will go in-depth about thermal management (what it is and why it’s crucial), a vast glossary of technical terms you should know, and the 4 different chemistry types commonly used for thermal management materials. You can sign up for all 5 courses or just for the topic(s) that interest you.

  • On Demand: Intro to Thermal Management

  • On Demand: Understanding Technical Terms

  • On Demand: Silicone Properties 

  • On Demand: Epoxy Properties

  • On Demand: Urethane & Acrylic Properties