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On Demand Webinar: How to Solve Common Mold Release Problems

Mold releases are an easy-to-use and effective method for removing molds. However, there are common problems that arise when using mold releases in rubber bonding. From product selection to the process, we’ll walk through several challenges and solutions for how to solve some of your mold release issues. Want to talk through your mold release issue? Bring your questions and we can talk through those during the Q&A session.

How LokRelease Solves Common Mold Release Problems

What We'll Cover
  • How to solve the most common problems when using mold releases in rubber molding

  • How mold releases from LORD, and others, impact your rubber molding process

  • Learn the key characteristics and process conditions to consider when selecting a mold release.

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Presenter: Darrel Taylor

Application Engineer

Darrel is an Application Engineer with the Parker LORD Application Engineering team based in Erie, PA. He is in his 28th year of service with Parker LORD. Darrel has experience in molding, process, and application design. He currently provides audits, customer training, new product introduction and troubleshooting of Chemlok, LokRelease, and IMB.  He obtained his B.S. in Industrial and Engineering Administration from Edinboro University. Darrel resides in Cambridge Springs PA with his wife and two children.

Presenter: Elizabeth Wilson

Product Development Scientist

Elizabeth is a product development scientist with the Parker LORD Elastomer Adhesives and Coatings Technology team in Erie, PA. She has experience researching and developing adhesives to bond different elastomer compounds, as well as release coatings for elastomer molding applications. She obtained her B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Polymer Science from Case Western Reserve University. She has been with Parker LORD for two years and is excited to continue developing the next generation of adhesives and coatings technologies that enable a better tomorrow.

Presenter: David Sheffield

Staff Scientist

David has worked for Parker LORD as a Staff Scientist in Product Development for 15 years.  He spent the first 13 years working with products in materials and process engineering and have experience with molding process development, metal and adhesive processing, and various coating applications.  For 7 of these years David was responsible for selecting and validating mold releases for many types of elastomer including natural rubber, EPDM, polybutadiene, polychloroprene,  fluoropolymer, and silicone.