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On Demand Webinar: How COVID-19 is Driving Robot and Drone Innovations

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our society, shifting the way we live, work and perform everyday tasks. This has brought about many new uses for drones and robotics – many of which are helping all of us navigate our new normal, safely. Robot and drone manufacturers who were just dipping their toes into this advanced technology are innovating new ways to use their products, and fast.

Sensors are a driving force behind a lot of the position and motion technology on robots and drones. Justin Bessette, Engineering Technology Manager and David Fager, Sensing Sales Manager take a look at how technology is evolving in response to COVID-19 and how companies can get their products to market, quicker, with the right technology in place.


Driving Robot and Drone Innovations

What we cover: 
  • Ways the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly shifted use of drone and robot technology

  • The sensing technology enabling robots and drones to perform tasks the market is now demanding 

  • Why real-world testing is more important now than ever   

  • What the future holds for robot and drone use during and after COVID-19   

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How else are we helping customers during the Coronavirus pandemic?

This pandemic has been a catalyst to what we have believe to be an inevitable robot-filled future. Manufacturers are looking to quickly produce prototypes to respond to new needs and requirements. MicroStrain's sensors enable drones and robots by delivering accurate position, velocity and attitude measurements. We’ve field-tested them and have data that shows just how good they perform in real-world environments compared to competitor sensors. Plus, we stock a wide variety of product options, designed to match our customer’s needs when it comes to performance and price. The immediacy of the pandemic requires a fast response for all involved, so innovative ideas and uses can quickly evolve.

The importance of this can be seen in the big upsurge in the inquiries we have experienced for our sensing solutions. In today’s COVID-19 world, companies are required to innovate. MicroStrain’s sensors will enable you to get to market quickly.

If you have questions about incorporating this sensing technology into your robotic or drone applications, contact us. One of our engineers will connect with you to identify the best solution.