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On Demand Webinar: Design Benefits of Using Structural Adhesives to Assemble EV Battery Boxes

Traditional joining techniques in the automotive industry includes welding and mechanical fasteners. However, many challenges arise when using these methods. By using structural adhesives, the need for mechanical fasteners as well as post-weld rework is eliminated. Adhesives also eliminate heat-affected zones and can double as a sealant. In traditional fastening methods, mounting lugs, screws, and rivets pierce through the aluminum battery box, which can cause a potential leak point and risks potential for outside moisture to seep into the battery pack.  

The use of adhesives can also help lightweight an assembled battery pack. Welding requires metals that are thicker—and therefore heavier—than those required for adhesive bonding. With the shift from heavy metals to alternate metals and composites, adhesives are increasing popularity.

5 Reasons To Use Adhesives Instead Of Traditional Fasteners

  • Chemical Containment
  • Material Strength and Integrity

  • Manufacturing Efficiency and Cost

  • Increased Vehicle Performance

  • Health and Safety

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Presenter: Delphine Andrivot

Business Development & Technical Manager, Parker LORD

Delphine Andrivot is EMEA Business Development & Technical Manager for Structural Adhesives and Thermal Management who's focus is on the electric vehicle market. Her formal education was in Sales, Marketing and Organic Chemistry and she has over 15 years of experience in the Industrial and Automotive markets.

Presenter: Eric Dean

Business Development Manager, Parker LORD

Eric Dean is US Business Development Manager for Structural Adhesives and Thermal Management whose focus is on the electric vehicle market with over 14 years of experience in the Industrial and Automotive markets.