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On Demand Webinar: New Water-Based Chemlok for Automotive & Industrial Applications

Join us for a two-part series to learn everything you need to know about Chemlok 8566 from where it's used to how to apply the material to your application. 

Our automotive customers continue to face increased restrictions around using high volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesives in their applications. We heard the industry need and have developed a water-based, one-coat adhesive that has nearly zero VOCs and a longer shelf life – with the same level of performance as our solvent-based adhesives. In this two-part webinar, learn everything you need to know about Chemlok 8566 from where its used to how to apply the material to your application.

Chemlok 8566 - Part 1

Presenter: Paul Wheeler 

What We Cover: 

  • Learn how Chemlok 8566 can be used on traditional automotive parts like bushings and suspension systems; rubber track crawlers; and mining parts 

  • Hear how this adhesive can bond to a variety of elastomer combinations – potentially becoming a one-stop solution for some applications  

  • Review testing data 

Chemlok 8566 - Part 2

Presenter: Brady Hultman

What We Cover: 

  • Watch how to properly prepare your materials, apply and store Chemlok 8566 

  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to apply the one-coat adhesive 

Presenter: Paul Wheeler

Staff Scientist

Paul Wheeler, PhD., is a staff scientist at Parker LORD, where he develops innovative adhesive and bonding solutions.  Much of his career has focused on generating bonding solutions for silicone elastomers.  Dr. Wheeler received a BS in Plastics Engineering Technology from Penn State Erie and a PhD in Polymer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi.  Prior to joining LORD, Dr. Wheeler held several technology leadership positions primarily around nylon 66 compounds for the automotive market and nanotechnology for thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

Presenter: Brady Hultman

Application Engineer

Brady Hultman is an Application Engineer at Parker LORD bringing more than 30 years and extensive knowledge of adhesive application equipment, metal prep for bonding and experience in rubber to substrate application and trouble shooting. 27 of those years in Technical Service for the Chemlok product line and 3 years supervising metal prep and adhesive application in a manufacturing facility.