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On Demand Webinar: Reduce Noise & Increase Passenger Comfort with Weatherstrip Coatings and Adhesives 

To enhance passenger comfort, OEMs want to eliminate engine noises, automotive component vibrations, or other road noises. The coatings and flock adhesives used on sealing profiles for doors, windows, trunks, sunroofs, and more, can help in reducing the overall noise within the vehicle. Parker-LORD Sipiol coatings and Flocksil/Flocklok flock adhesives not only provide excellent noise reduction but improve the overall sealing durability, providing the end customer with a quiet, dry, and dependable ride. 

Reduce Noise & Increase Passenger Comfort

  1. Learn how Parker-LORD weatherstrip coatings and flock adhesives can enhance passenger comfort in both electric vehicles and combustion engines

  2. Understand the benefits of using Parker-LORD coatings and flock adhesives, including excellent abrasion and weathering resistance as well as overall noise reduction  

  3. Review Parker-LORD's portfolio

Presenter: Justin Bond

Sr. Scientist Elastomer Process Materials Group, Parker LORD

Justin Bond is a Senior Scientist in the Elastomer Process Materials Group with an extensive background in Elastomeric Coatings and Flock Adhesives supporting customers globally along with troubleshooting and part failure analysis. Justin has a wide range of testing including: Accelerated Weathering and Color Monitoring using latest equipment technology. 

Presenter: Dr. Christiane Stingel

Elastomer Coatings Product Development Leader

Dr. Christiane Stingel is an Elastomer Coatings Product Development Leader with her Post-Doc and PhD in Physical Chemistry. Dr. Stingel has over ten years of customer support in application and equipment choice. Additionally, she has an extended application know-how of all kind of coatings: powder, spraying, dipping, spinning.