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On Demand Webinar: Structural Adhesives for Service Truck Manufacturing

Service Trucks and Specialty Vehicles are unique in that they are made based on the job(s) they’re going to carry out, and that often requires high-skilled labor, ever-changing designs and drawings, plus lots of flexibility to meet end-user requirements.  Especially in the world of a pandemic, lead times are becoming increasingly long as both demand surges and product availability decreases.  Want to alleviate some of these challenges?  In this webinar you’ll learn how structural adhesives hold up to various service truck applications, as well as how they can be used to increase design flexibility, product strength and long-term durability while decreasing overall manufacturing time and costs.

Structural Adhesives

What We Cover:
  • Common service truck applications and how they can help you improve manufacturing processes and design potential
  • Understand how to design for adhesive bonding
  • Compare adhesive technology to traditional joining methods (welding and mechanical fasteners)
  • Explore how and where you can use adhesives with traditional joining methods to maximize strength, durability and process time

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Headshot of Angela Zambanini

Presenter: Angela Zambanini

Angela began her career at Parker LORD in business development and marketing research. She received her undergraduate degree from Penn State Erie and Masters from NC State University. Over the last eight years, she has specialized in Structural Adhesives for industrial and transportation applications – particularly sign and service trucks. Angela's currently the Key Account Manager in the elastomer process and materials business where she's focused on helping electrify the rubber-to-substrate industry in automotive and industrial applications.