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January 27 - 30, 2020
Anaheim, CA

Heli Expo 2020

Parker LORD Showcasing Solutions at Heli Expo 2020

Our solutions minimize the noise and vibration transmitted from the engine to help ensure your passengers experience the quietest ride possible. Parker LORD cockpit controls and inceptors enable safer flights, reduce pilot workload and enhance pilot comfort. They provide functional and ergonomic interfaces between pilots and various aircraft fly-by-wire systems (flight control systems, engine control systems, landing gear systems).

Parker LORD’s MRO services team keeps you flying! Our repair station (GV1R180K) is co-located within the LORD factory and supports complex aviation parts such as helicopter rotor components, engine isolator assemblies, cockpit control products and components, actuators, and active vibration control systems. We also provide PMA and STC solutions. Customers can choose from an exchange pool, spare replacement parts, or complete overhaul of their product. Overhauled parts, manufactured with the same thoroughness as the parts going on a new aircraft, can be up to 50 percent less expensive than the new parts available through the OEM. Check out our services and expertise.

Heli-Expo Show Special Show Special

Purchase Bell 412 Overhaul Pivot Bearings (Set of 4) and receive a Complimentary Overhaul on the Main Driveshaft Transmission Boots (Set of 2)

Our elastomeric material provides exceptional coupling lubricant resistance resulting in extended part-life and ultimately more time in the air. The elastomer is integrated into the main driveshaft transmission boot and protects the drive shaft couplings from dirt, water, oil and other contaminants. The specially formulated elastomer maintains mechanical properties with little to no degradation at elevated temperatures, as well as superior metal surface coatings for increased corrosion protection. Comparative endurance tests confirm bearings manufactured with the improved elastomer will have significant increase in life. The improved bearings and extended service life warranty is offered at no additional cost to customers.

Offer valid for the Bell 412 EP, HP, and EPI models; Pivot Bearing #412-010-106-101 and Transmission Boot #412-340-102-101 . Returned cores for all 6 products are required to validate this offer.

To order, click on the button below and complete the Request a Quote form. In the comments section, please type in the comment "Parker LORD 2020 Free Boots"

Manufacturer Technical Briefing Technical Briefing

Presented by LORD Customer Manager Francois Magnan on Tuesday, January 28 at 3:50 p.m. in Room 203B, this elastomeric component training will cover the construction, function, maintenance and inspection of these various types of components, then conclude with a question and answer session. As part of the Manufacturer Technical Briefings, this training course meets FAA requirements for recurrent training, admissible for Inspection Authorization certificate renewal. The free Manufacturer Technical Briefings are held outside the exhibition hall.

Featured Products and Solutions

Tension Torsion Straps

The FAA and EASA extended the certification on the Bell 206 TT strap from 36 months to a 48-month calendar (1,200 flight hours). The TT strap is a flight-critical part that attaches the blade to the rotor hub of a helicopter. These parts take the entire centrifugal force of the rotor blade while allowing pitch input, or feathering, of the blades, all in a compact package. Experts in noise, vibration and motion in flight-critical components and systems, Parker LORD is the original STC and PMA holder, designer and manufacturer of the TT strap which is available for more than 20 aircraft.

Bell 412 Spindle Assembly Exchange

The exchange program has expanded! We are now accepting ALL spindles for the exchange program. The exchange program allows customers to receive repaired or overhauled parts from stock immediately. The shortened lead time of the exchange program also provides operators the opportunity to reduce inventory. Previously, the exchange program was limited to those spindles with less than 7500 hours. Now, Parker LORD is accepting spindles with up to 10,000 hours. Warranty on the exchange parts extends to 2,500 hours or 5 years providing a full complement of LORD parts are being used.

Bell 412 Landing Gear Bumper

An upgrade is now available! Our new fiber-enhanced shim more evenly distributes the load, increasing the service life of the part up to 3X. Non-metallic, so the potential for metal-to-metal contact is eliminated.

Bell 204/205/212/407 Transmission Mount

Order a set of 4 and receive a 5% discount! Critical in achieving a comfortable ride, our pylon isolators are a key component to managing vibrational energy in rotorcraft and have a great effect on how the rotor responds to tuning adjustments during track and balance. Worn-out mounts will double or triple the time required to do this task.

Aftermarket Repair Station - Erie, PA. (2:02)

LORD Corporation's MRO services team keeps our customers flying. Our repair station (GV1R180K) is co-located within the LORD factory and supports complex aviation parts such as helicopter rotor components, engine isolator assemblies and much more. We shipped more than 4,600 parts last year keeping our customers in the air and reducing downtime.

LORD Elastomeric Materials Technology (2:57)

Learn more about what makes our vibration and motion control products different with our unique elastomeric materials.

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