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June 25-27
San Jose, CA

Expo &
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LORD Sensing at Sensors Expo 2019

LORD Sensing products are used in a wide variety of applications, including unmanned vehicle navigation, monitoring the health of structures and machines, testing new designs and controlling critical processes. As a leader in inertial measurement systems, micro-displacement transducers, and wireless sensing networks, our team of engineers will be available to showcase how our interchangeable inertial sensors are being used in UAV and UGV applications.

LORD sensors

Featured Products and Solutions

Inertial Sensors

Our line of interchangeable inertial sensors provides the best price/performance value across applications, continue to set the standard for industrial MEMs inertial performance and offer GNSS/GPS capabilities. Compact sizing makes these sensors suitable for many applications, including platform stabilization, robotics, UAVs, vehicle health monitoring and more. Some of our latest product releases include the MV5-AR and our CX5 and CV5 sensors.

Wireless Sensor Networks

LORD wireless sensor networks are designed to enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature and millivolt inputs for a variety of applications and industries. The lower power consumption of our sensors means less frequent battery replacement. Some of our latest product releases include the SG-Link-200, RTD-Link-200 and the TC-Link-200.


LORD software solutions allow you to configure nodes, start networks and collect and analyze data in real-time. Visualize massive amounts of data or zoom in on points of interest without delay. Our latest update to the SensorCloud™ platform has enhanced the user experience and made the program significantly easier to use. Check out SensorCloud for yourself or see it in action at Sensors Expo.

mining robot


LORD inertial sensors incorporated in the Emesent Hovermap platform provide precise position, orientation and velocity information for GPS-denied environments, and aid SLAM in real-time.

construction site robot

Clearpath Robotics

LORD inertial sensors enhance the autonomous capabilities in the Clearpath research robot platform and deliver precise navigation to perform inspection, 3D mapping and other tasks in difficult terrain.

LORD designs and manufactures precise and robust sensing solutions that provide the best real-world dynamic performance in unmanned systems, aerospace, robotics and off-highway applications.

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