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Non-penetrating Solutions for the Solar Industry
Benefits of LORD Adhesives for Solar Panel Mounting
  • Reduces installation time
  • Eliminates drilling and bolting
  • Metal roof stays intact
  • No water leakage
  • No electricity required
  • Protects roof warranty
  • Improved aesthetics
LORD 810/20GB Adhesive Properties
  • Two-component acrylic adhesive (2:1)
  • Flexible, low-exotherm, low-shrinkage, structural adhesive
  • Fast cure speed even in low temperatures
  • Contains glass beads for precise bondline control
LORD 320/322 Epoxy Adhesive Properties
  • High load bearing strength
  • Contains no solvent, nonflammable & virtually odorless
  • High temperature resistant: -40℃ to 204℃
  • Chemically resistant
Typical Cure Properties

Application of LORD adhesives for solar panel mounting is quick and easy. Installation time is greatly reduced while minimizing impact on the roof.

  • 100% Solids
  • Work Time: 8-12 minutes
  • Time to Handing Strength: 20-25 minutes
  • Tensile Strength: 841 psi (5.8 MPa)
  • Elohgation: 190%
  • Tg: 43C
  • Shore Hardness (D): 40
  • Mixed adhesive is gray in color
How to Apply
  1. Mark the roof as per the solar panel installation for bracket bonding
  2. Grid / Abrade the coated roof bracket overlap area
  3. Apply the adhesive on the roof area as per the marking
  4. Mate the bracket with roof and leave it for 45-60 minutes
  5. Mount the solar panel on the bracket after 60 minutes
IIT Testing Details
  1. Corrosion test (Salt Spray test as per ASTM B 117)
  2. UV resistance of bonded assembly as per ASTM G 154
  3. Humidity test as per ASTM D 2247
  4. Heat resistance test (-15℃ to 50℃)
  5. 200km/hr wind speed simulation of bonded assembly
  6. Lap Shear Strength as per ASTM D 1002
  7. Water vapor permeability test as per ASTM D 1653, LORD 320/322
India Customer References
RBP Energy
10 KW
December 2015
Hatsun Dairy
600 KW
March 2016
Dhoot Transmission
100 KW
August 2016
Sanjeev Auto
80 KW
December 2016
Flat India Pvt Ltd.
1.3 MW
January 2017
Taj Hotel
300 KW
March 2017
Pricol Ltd.
500 KW
March 2017
ARaymond Fasteners
Chakan, Pune
300 KW
September 2017
Seven Green
Navi Mumbai
500 KW
September 2017
BharatFreitzmen India Ltd.
1.0 MW
January 2018
Odisha TV Pvt. Ltd.
120 KW
March 2018
HatsunAgro Products Ltd.
1.4 MW
April 2018
Toyota Plant
1.3 MW
April-May 2018
Mahindra & Mahindra
Igatpuri, Nashik
100 KW
April 2018
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