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Photovoltaic Solar Panel Rail Rooftop Installation Adhesives

If you’re installing solar panel arrays on a metal or concrete roof, eliminate the need to drill holes. Our adhesives securely attach photovoltaic solar panel mounting rails to the rooftop without damaging the roof’s structural integrity or letting elements such as rain and bacteria seep in through these holes.

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There’s a Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Solution that Eliminates Roof Leaks and Reduces Installation Costs? Yes!

Here’s What Customers Say …

“We used LORD® 810/20GB adhesive to bond the metal brackets to the roof at 1600 KW solar project in Tamilandu. Not only did solution met all our requirements and is capable of withstanding high winds, but the project was completed in 10 days.”

Sikkander Amin
Vigor Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

“Our facility in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha was hit by two cyclones. The Amphan Cyclone hit in June 2020 with windspeeds between 160-180 km/hr and the Feni Cyclone hit in 2019 with windspeeds between 160-180 km/hr. Not a single bracket was debonded. I’m very happy with the product’s performance.”

Ankit M. Tak
GreenGain Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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No Drilling

Our adhesives secure solar panel rails to the roof eliminating the need to drill holes, which can potentially let in moisture or bacteria.

Withstands Strong Winds

Our adhesives are very flexible – achieving 190% elongation – enabling the rail to absorb thrust and shock produced by high wind speeds

Faster Installation Time

Drilling and tightening bolts takes time … time you could be on to your next job.

Protect Roof Warranty

Since solar arrays are installed without drilling holes, the roof’s warranty remains intact.

Zero Maintenance

Are your customers tired of replacing bolts, screws and sealants every year? With our adhesives, no maintenance is required.

Reduce Installation Costs

No drilling and no annual maintenance means lower installation costs for you and lower maintenance costs for your customer.

Here for you …

Whether it’s training your team to selecting the right adhesive for the job, we’ll be here to help you make the switch from traditional fasteners – like bolts and screws – to adhesives. See our list of completed projectscompleted projects

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Watch the Step-by-Step Process

See first-hand how quick and easy it is to install a solar panel array on a metal or concrete roof in these short videos.

glass solar panels
Solar Panel Installation Videos

Watch our series of videos from metal and concrete roof bonding to the step-by-step process of using adhesives on solar panels.

Solar Panel Adhesive Solutions

Non-Penetrating Technology for the Solar Rooftop Market
With about 300 clear and sunny days annually, the calculated solar energy incidence on India’s land area is about 5,000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.


We know you may have questions. We’ve got answers to your most common questions.
Your step-by-step guide on how to install solar panel arrays with LORD 810/20GB Adhesive.
LORD® 320/322 adhesive is a general purpose, two-component epoxy adhesive system that can be used in solar applications to bond metal base plates to concrete, concrete block to concrete, as well as metal base plates to ceramic tiles.
Watch our series of videos from metal and concrete roof bonding to the step-by-step process of using adhesives on solar panels.