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Bell 206B JetRanger MRO Parts & Services

LORD provides you with Bell 206B JetRanger repair and overhaul services, STC upgrades, and PMA replacement parts. We keep your JetRanger aircraft in the air and generating revenue. We also reduce your maintenance costs. Our exchange pools provide rapid response on high usage items, enabling you to keep a smaller spares inventory. Our FAQ page covers the most frequently asked questions we encounter.

As the industry leader in the design and manufacture of Tension Torsion (TT) straps, LORD Corporation offers FAA certified STC/PMA parts direct and through authorized distributors. Bell 206B TT Strap Instructions for Continued Airworthiness are available as well.

LORD obtained approval on August 15, 2019 from the FAA to extend the life of the Bell 206 Tension Torsion (TT) strap from a three- to four-year calendar life. There is no change on the limitation of 1,200 flight hours.

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Bell 206 Parts & Services Capabilities:

Bell 206 Tension Torsion (TT) Strap - 206-310-004-101 - MRO Part
Tension Torsion TT Strap
OEM P/N:206-310-004-101
LORD P/N:LORD206-310-004101
Service Type:New-PMA
206-011-154-101 and 206-011-147-005 Replacement - EASA Approved Airworthiness Limitations Updated

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BELL 206 - Elastomeric TR Trunnion Kit - LB2-1010-20-1 - MRO Part
TR Trunnion Kit - First-time Install
OEM P/N:KIT_206-011-812-005_etc.
LORD P/N:LB2-1010-20-1
Service Type:STC-PMA
EASA Approved, Maint. Free 5000+ hrs Kit Replaces: 206-011-812-005(1) B-2012(2) 53642-75(2) 206-411-814-003(2) 206-011-862-001(2)

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BELL 206 - Arm Assembly (Flap Restraint) 206-011-139-001 - MRO Part
Arm Assembly (Flap Restraint)
OEM P/N:206-011-139-001
LORD P/N:J-14258-3
Service Type:Overhaul Exchange

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BELL 206 - Elastomeric TR Trunnion Bearing - LB2-1010-20-2 - MRO Part
TR Trunnion Bearing
OEM P/N:206-011-812-005 only
LORD P/N:LB2-1010-20-2
Service Type:STC-PMA
Replacement Install - EASA Approved, Maint. Free 5000+ hrs

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206-011-812-005 only

BELL 206 - Pylon Mount Assembly - 206-030-539-101 - MRO Part
Mount Assembly (Pylon)
OEM P/N:206-030-539-101
LORD P/N:LB9-1301-1-1
Service Type:Overhaul Exchange

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