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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Elastomeric Part MRO

Our aerospace parts repair station has been serving MRO customers since 1978 - below are the most frequently asked questions we encounter. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact us to talk with an expert!

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General Questions for Elastomeric Part Repair & Overhaul

Please refer to our Fixed or Rotary-Wing Capabilities List to see what service type LORD can offer for your part number. Our certified Repair Station is co-located within the LORD manufacturing facility; we do not outsource products for the critical rubber-to-metal bonding process.

Please contact the aircraft OEM as they will ultimately establish shelf life requirements.

Applicable documentation may be downloaded by navigating to LORD.com/MRO and by selecting the appropriate platform.

The elastomeric components already incorporate additives to prevent degradation from common fluids found on the aircraft. Therefore, nothing should be applied to the surface of these components. Instead, they should simply be kept clean with mild soap as part of regular maintenance.

Actually, no, a degraded bearing is not always evident with HUMS. Operators using HUMS have reported finding issues with elastomeric components upon visual inspection, while no noticeable vibration increase was detected.

The aircraft OEM is responsible for publishing inspection limits. We work closely with OEMs to provide data in the maintenance publications that is available to operators.

You may Contact LORD anytime with your product questions. We look forward to answering your questions.

As a matter of policy, LORD Corporation will not retest product that has exceeded its shelf life for the purpose of extending shelf life. This pertains to all product regardless of its storage location (Customer or LORD Warehouse) or apparent condition. When a product in storage has exceeded its specified shelf life it is deemed unserviceable.

Bell 206 Specific Questions

Yes, you can purchase our STC TT-straps directly from LORD by visiting our Bell 206B or Bell 206L capabilities pages or you may contact one of our distributors (Where to Buy) as well.

LORD has 35 years of design and manufacturing experiences with TT-Straps, across 20+ platforms. With over 300,000 TT-straps produced, our record for quality and safety has provided operators with confidence and trust they have selected the best manufactured product in the market.

LORD has received the FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) approval for the optional installation of the tail skid weight. Please refer to the OEM manual and the applicable documentation from LORD:

Applicable documentation may be downloaded by navigating to LORD.com/MRO and by selecting the appropriate platform.