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Composites & Plastic Bonding for Automotive Assembly

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Product Description MSDS (US) Technical Data Sheets
LORD ® 7411 Urethane Adhesive

single-component, moisture-cure, urethane adhesive

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LORD ® 810 Acrylic Adhesive

medium working time; medium viscosity; flexible

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LORD ® 7800 Fast Cure Urethane Adhesive

Two-component urethane adhesive for bonding composites, SMC and plastics with little surface preparation

LORD ® 7150 A/B-FM Urethane Adhesive

two-component, foaming urethane adhesive for cloth, paper, foams, plastics, etc.; room temperature or heat cure

LORD ® 810/Accelerator 20GB Acrylic Adhesive- India/SEA only

two-component, acrylic-based adhesive for solar bonding applications

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LORD ® 403 Acrylic Adhesive

short working time; high viscosity

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LORD ® 406 Acrylic Adhesive

medium working time; high viscosity

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LORD ® 410 Acrylic Adhesive

long working time; high viscosity

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LORD ® 7542 Urethane Adhesive

two-component: for FRP, SMC and other plastics with little surface preparation; can be gravity-fed through dispensing equipment

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LORD ® 201 Acrylic Adhesive

medium working time; medium viscosity

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