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Product Description MSDS (US) Technical Data Sheets
LORD ® 7610DTM Direct-to-Metal Adhesive/Sealant

single-component, for plastic, wood, glass, concrete, metals; moisture cure

LORD ® 7650 Urethane Adhesive

single-component, high tack; moisture cure; low viscosity

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LORD ® 7542 Urethane Adhesive

two-component: for FRP, SMC and other plastics with little surface preparation; can be gravity-fed through dispensing equipment

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LORD ® 7550 Urethane Adhesive

two-component, equal mix, self-leveling; clear; non-yellowing

LORD ® 320/322 Epoxy Adhesive

general purpose and composites; wide temperature range; high viscosity

LORD ® 360-A/360-B Epoxy Adhesive

composites, wood and other plastics; minimal sag and fast setting; sandable and paintable

Mixing Tip 0.25 x 6 x 21 elm. (package of 12)

0.25 x 6 x 21 element, package of 12 - For use with 50 mL

Mixing Tip 0.375 x 9 x 24 elm. (package of 12)

0.375 x 9 x 24 element, package of 12 - For use with CX

LORD-Pak™ 50 4:1 Plunger

4:1 plunger for use on LORD-Pack 50 manual dispensing gun

LORD-Pak™ 50 Manual Dispensing Gun

handheld, manual dispensing system for small jobs

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