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Electric Vehicle Content Hub

Looking for on demand webinars, blogs and more to stay up-to-date on the latest electric vehicle innovations? Keep scrolling to view our curated content hub for all things EV and electrification. 

On Demand Webinar: The Right Amount of Force: Reworkability of Gap Fillers in EV Battery Packs

The fast-growing electric vehicle market demands robust and efficient thermal management solutions for battery packs, such as gap fillers and thermal pads. Gap fillers outperform thermal pads to achieve lower thermal impedance, as the gap fillers conform to surface roughness before curing. This allows gap fillers to adhere well to surfaces and provide mechanical support during normal operation. However, this also poses a challenge during repair, removal and re-manufacturing. Currently, there is no set standard for measuring vertical pull-off, and hence, there is a lack of knowledge on what level of pull-off force is needed to service these battery packs.

On Demand Webinar: Selecting Adhesives for Automotive Lightweighting

Assembling internal combustion engine cars and electric vehicles using structural adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners not only results in process efficiencies but can help increase performance. The benefits of using structural adhesives aren’t confined to the manufacturing phase. Lighter-weight cars can travel farther per gallon or charge than heavy vehicles.

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Watch On-Demand

Thermal Management Virtual Academy

Whether you’re new to the industry, new to a project or looking to brush up on your knowledge this 5-part series goes in-depth about thermal management needs, commonly used technical terminology and available chemistry options.

Learn about Thermal Management

On Demand Webinar: Serviceability of EV Battery Packs

Electric vehicle batteries, much like traditional combustion engine batteries need to be repaired or replaced as they age. As EVs are designed and rolled off the production line using more innovative materials for assembly, it becomes more complex to remove or repair battery pack components. This webinar will address serviceability of electric vehicle battery packs and different methods for assembly. 

On Demand Webinar: Electrification Solutions for Automotive Electronics

Automotive electronics require more power density and longer lifespans than in years past. Especially in electric vehicles, the increase of electronic components requires new design considerations, challenges and needs. As a total solutions provider, Parker LORD 

electric vehicle cell to pack design with thermally conductive adhesive
Featured White Paper: Thermally Conductive Adhesives for Next Generation Cell-to-Pack Configurations

With the significant growth and development of battery pack technologies, manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are placing an increased emphasis on pack design optimization. Manufacturers seek lighter weight, yet more compact solutions to gain additional energy density and reduce cost. In parallel, they also strive for simpler and more affordable manufacturing operations. One immediate route to achieving these goals is to eliminate the housings of battery modules and bonding individual cells directly to the cooling plate, a strategy known as “cell-to-pack.” To learn more about this design, read our latest white paper.

Blogs and Articles

Our team is passionate about everything #EV. Read our most popular blogs that cover hot topics in this space.

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5 Reasons to Use and Adhesive for Battery Box Bonding

Assembling electric vehicle (EV) battery boxes using structural adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners not only results in process efficiencies but can help installed boxes perform better. Read this blog to learn the five reasons for adhesive use.

cooltherm gap filler being dispensed through MMD equipment
How to Choose and Use Thermal Gap Fillers

With the rapid growth of electric vehicle (EV) platforms, there are many variations of battery pack design. Because battery pack design and construction are not standardized, your requirements of a gap filler may also be unique. 

interior or autonomous vehicle
How Electric Vehicles are Driving Growth of Autonomous Vehicles

For AVs to infiltrate the streets in the coming years, there's a need for faster charging infrastructure, battery durability, longer range, safe and regulated technology, many of the same challenges facing the EV market. Read to learn more.

What Customers Want

Customers in the EV space have very unique needs. With a variety of designs and specifications, our custom thermal management solutions get customers exactly what they want.

eBooks and White Papers

Looking for data and longer-form resources? Check out our latest eBooks and white papers to go more in-depth on current thermal management findings. See something you find interesting? Share it with a friend!

cover and interior page of thermal management ebook
Realizing Possibilities: Thermal Management for EVs

Electric vehicles - including automobiles, buses, trains, off-road vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft are here to stay. A key challenge in developing higher-power-density electronics for electric vehicles and other applications is to manage the heat. This e-book covers topics crucial to thermal management in your applications.

cover image and inside page of battery cooling white paper
Battery Cooling Performance: Thermal Pads versus Gap Fillers

Our data shows a clear advantage for liquid-dispensed gap fillers versus thermal gap pads when removing heat from battery modules. Learn from our experts in our latest white paper which compares gap filler and thermal pad performance on a prototype electric vehicle battery module.

cover image and inside page of motor white paper
Accelerated Endurance Tests Prove Efficacy of Potted Motors

For years, motor designers have been battling heat in motor designs. Thermal losses in electric machines rob motion systems of power and degrade efficiency, while excess heat can reduce the reliability of motors and shorten their lifetimes. Good thermal management in electric motors can minimize copper losses and yield improved performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Charging Ahead Toward the Future of Electrification

Our team of experts is passionate about researching and making contributions towards the mass market adoption of electric vehicles. Our goal is to be one of the best value, most collaborative partners out there and we would love to work with you on your next project. Have something in mind?

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