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Structural Adhesives for Electric Vehicles and EV Batteries

Structural Adhesives for Electric Vehicles and EV Batteries

Don't be limited by mechanical fasteners. Free your engineers to design the next generation of EVs knowing that our line of structural adhesives has your back.

Advantages for Using an Adhesive

Using adhesive solutions instead of fasteners helps to increase component life through excellent environmental resistance of adhesive-bonded parts. Urethane and acrylic adhesives bond dissimilar materials, making it easier to use plastic and composite materials in everything from the liftgate to battery components. As a result, the adhesives contribute to a lighter-weight vehicle. 


  • Liftgate
  • Trunk Lid
  • Door
  • Hood
  • Spoiler
  • Bumper
  • Battery Cells
  • Lithium-ion Battery Assembly
  • Lead-acid Battery Assembly

Hem-Flange Closure Panel Bonding

Versilok two-component acrylic adhesives are an excellent option for customers seeking to achieve high dimensional stability of closure panels through low temperature cure. Our adhesives can simplify your manufacturing process by eliminating or reducing process steps, resulting in substantial cost savings due to reduced energy consumption and labor.

Composites and Plastics Bonding

Our adhesives are suitable for a wide variety of materials and substrates that can bond metals, plastics and composite lightweight materials. Get unmatched bonding performance on metals and our adhesives are compatible with e-coat and powder coating processes.

Adhesives for Battery Box Assembly

Whether you need structural integrity or an improved thermal connection, these products allow design flexibility and the ability to bond a variety of substrates. We have a variety of thermally conductive and non-thermally conductive adhesives. When used on battery box lids, adhesives can serve dual purposes for sealing and attaching the lid to the box. Adhesives are often used to replace traditional mechanical fasteners, adding less weight to your battery pack, and often leading to longer range.

Benefits of Using Adhesives Instead of Mechanical Fasteners

Our customers run into several issues when welding aluminum. By using structural adhesives, the need for mechanical fasteners as well as post-weld rework is eliminated. Watch this video to explore more benefits of using adhesives for battery box aseembly.

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