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LED Assembly Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) | Assembly Adhesives | Potting & Encapsulation Materials

LORD Corporation specializes in developing world-class adhesives and thermal interface materials including gels, greases and encapsulants for demanding LED applications. Our thermally conductive materials are easily applied and have high thermal conductivity / low thermal resistance to improve device reliability. LORD adhesives have been specified for challenging LED applications requiring superior strength over a wide range of temperatures. Our technology allows us to achieve superior performance at competitive costs by minimizing the amount of costly raw material components.

We offer a range of thermal interface materials, including those with excellent adhesion to SiC and GaN semiconductors, for use at the TIM 1 level of LED assembly.

Our gel and grease thermal interface materials are designed for use between the heat spreader and the heat sink (known as TIM2). This includes materials that are solvent free and eliminate pump-out.

We offer a range of adhesives for bonding plastics, metals and other substrates. This includes adhesives that are optically clear, non-yellowing, self-leveling, excellent for bonding parts with tight tolerances and that can flow into hard-to-reach spaces.

We offer a range of silicone encapsulants designed to provide excellent thermal conductivity for electrical / electronic applications. They are especially suited for a variey of electronics applications where high heat dissipation is required.

Selector Guide - Electronic Materials for LED Applications

We incorporate over 50 years of experience in developing electronic material solutions for new applications to help ensure our customers’ success. Download our Selector Guide to see what solutions are already available for LED applications.

LED Assembly Materials

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