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Whether your electronic components are suffering from excessive vibration or extreme conditions during use, LORD® offers customized solutions to help you protect your components. Our Micro-Mounts™ technology and proprietary potting and encapsulation materials help your electronic components last longer and perform better even in the most demanding applications. Our experience in electronic materials spans more than 50 years, with a variety of applications- sensors, capacitors, switches, connectors, and relays. LORD also has proven our vibration control technologies across the Oil & Gas and Aerospace industries which both present challenging situations daily. We incorporate this vast knowledge in every solution we develop to help ensure our customers' success.

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Need to protect from shock and vibration?

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Need to protect from environmental conditons?

Potting & Encapsulation

At LORD, we have been developing custom potting and encapsulant solutions for more than 50 years. Whether utilizing epoxy, silicone or urethane polymer systems, we continue to deliver results for demanding applications in a wide variety of industries including automotive, energy, medical, aerospace, telecommunications and industrial electronics based on our customers’ design and specification needs. Our products can be applied in diverse applications including use in ignition coils, engine control modules, transmission control modules, sensors, power supplies, transformers and other critical electronic equipment. If you need help choosing one of our standard potting and encapsulant products or if you need a custom material to meet your needs, let us help you determine an appropriate solution for your application.



One of the most versatile chemistries and offer inherent flexibility spanning over a wide temperature range (-75°C to +200°C). Silicone products are widely known to protect fragile electronic components and modules where flame and high temperature resistance and permanent flexibility are top priorities. We offer platinum-cured, soft silicone and condensation-cured silicone rubbers, either unfilled clear or filled.


These provide strength, versatility, durability, adhesion, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance in adhesive, potting and encapsulant applications. These products can be formulated to fit a variety of applications and requirements thanks to the wide availability of raw materials. We offer a wide range of epoxy products from extremely flexible to highly-rigid casting materials, either filled or unfilled, that are thermally and/or electrically conductive and flame retardant.


These are considered to be a great alternative to silicones when high temperature resistance is not required. For electronic packaging, urethanes are known to work best in low-temperature applications. They protect stress-sensitive electronic devices and act as a barrier against water. We offer low viscosity urethane products ranging from soft gels to semi-rigid casting materials that are designed to fit various potting application needs.

Vibration and Motion Control

The unique Micro-Mount™ Series are high-performance vibration isolators small enough and soft enough to protect individual electronic components allowing for vibration isolation at the circuit board level. Micro-Mounts can be used as a stand-alone solution or to augment performance of a LORD full-system vibration isolation solution. These small, flexible vibration isolation mounts are used successfully on GPS oscillators in satellites, military aircraft, downhole oil & gas equipment, and many more demanding applications which require ruggedized electronics. LORD Micro-Mounts are direct replacement for hard standoffs or potting. They ensure consistent performance at high temperatures through the use of BTR™ (Broad Temperature Range) silicone bonded to stainless-steel. This makes these mounts ideal for applications requiring consistent performance at extreme temperatures for an extended time. There are multiple threads and end-fittings available to meet your needs.

Features and Benefits of Micro-Mounts:

  • Light-weight and High-performance solution for demanding applications
  • Individual mounts support up to 0.1 lb
  • Easy installation; available in Nut/Nut, Post/Nut, Post/Post
  • Reduces board-level acceleration levels up to 200x compared to hard mounting components
  • Temperature rated to 350° F continuous, (400° F) peak
  • Designed to work when exposed to harsh fluids

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