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With more than 3,100 employees in 26 countries, 19 manufacturing facilities and 10 R&D centers worldwide, we're there for our customers.

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TJ Packers last longer, reducing NPT so you can drill longer

Oil & Gas

Are your electronic circuit boards suffering from excessive shock and vibration?

Oil & Gas

Reduce Axial Shock Events by 70-80%

10K Completion Workover Riser Flexible Joint

We help increase the value and durability of your products in the most challenging downhole and offshore environments. Building on more than nine decades of experience in industrial and aerospace sectors, we provide motion and vibration control solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the oil and gas industry.

Our products include MWD shock absorbers, surface equipment mounts, sensing solutions, offshore flexible joints, packers, and elastomeric bearings. We have dedicated teams that are available to collaborate with you to reduce risk and improve performance of your equipment in the harshest applications.

Oil & Gas

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