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Snubbers for MWD Electronics

Shock Absorbers for MWD Battery, Gamma, Pulser Driver and Directional Orientation Modules

LORD® Snubbers are isolators for downhole tools. Snubbers act as MWD shock absorbers to protect MWD electronics from excessive shock and vibration. We knew there was a need for longer-lasting downhole tool isolators that can protect against shock and vibration, and we applied our aerospace technology to address the needs of the downhole community.

LORD offers a standard line of snubbers for MWD electronics, indcluding high temperature variants.With our isolators, you no longer have to compromise between reliability, durability and performance. First commercially introduced in 2012, LORD isolators have been outperforming any snubbers available on the market. In outcomes from customer and lab testing, our isolators have demonstrated significant reduction in shock and vibration, resulting in improved reliability.

LORD isolators can be designed to meet your unique downhole conditions:

  • Extreme environments: high-temperature variants can withstand hot hole conditions
  • High shock loads
  • Broad frequency range isolation
  • Custom connection geometry available
LORD MWD Snubbers - Standard Configurations
Snubber Description MDM Connector MWD Module Standard P/N
< 350°F (175°C)
High-Temperature P/N
< 400°F (200°C)
OEM Standard Short 15-pin Batteries, Gamma, Pulser Driver* J-28291-3 J-28291-3-HT
OEM Standard Long 15-pin Directional / Orientation / Electronics J-28291-4 J-28291-4-HT
OEM Legacy Short 9-pin Pulser Driver* J-28291-6 J-28291-6-HT
Alternate OEM 15-pin Alternate OEM J-28291-14 J-28291-14-HT
*some pulser drivers utilize a 9-pin MDM; many have been standardized to a 15-pin MDM.


LORD Snubbers outperform the competition in terms of protecting MWD electronics from downhole shock events.
LORD has developed a variety of MWD snubbers by applying our aerospace technology to address the needs of the downhole community.
MWD snubbers serve as shock absorbers to protect downhole electronics from excessive shock and vibration.


LORD MWD Snubbers - Features & Benefits

  • Provides the ideal combination of reliability, durability, and performance
  • In accelerated endurance testing, outlasted all other snubbers
  • Demonstrated over 2000 hours service life downhole without maintenance
  • Reduces total cost over the life of the snubber
  • Estimated more than $2,000 savings over the life of the snubber compared to alternatives
Accelerated Endurance Test Results*
Snubber Extrapolated Hours Downhole Time to Failure Failure Mode Failure Description
LORD Snubber > 1,800 hours > 40 hours N/A 40 hours completed without failure
Competitor A 22.5 hours 30 minutes Chassis Cap screw failure
Competitor B < 3 hours 4 minutes Snubber Catastrophic elastomer failure
*Input: 0.81 g2/Hz, Test Mass: 4.75 lb


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