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Axial Isolator - MWD Vibration Isolators

LORD Third Generation MWD Vibration Dampener

MWD Shock Absorber | MWD Vibration Damper

LORD® Axial Isolators provide measurement while drilling (MWD) tool-string level protection from axial shock and vibration. For more information on mitigating downhole shock and vibration with this downhole shock tool, view our presentation from The International Association of Directional Drilling luncheon. Or to learn more about the latest generation of our MWD Axial Isolator, read the Axial Isolator FAQs on our blog.

  • Reduces Axial Shock Events by 70-80%
    • Protects MWD tool strings from shock and vibration, offering improved reliability, durability and service life in the toughest conditions
  • Improves MWD Reliability
    • Customers report staying in the hole longer in their toughest wells from North Dakota to West Texas
  • Field-Proven
    • Hundreds of units fielded since 2015
  • Simple is Better
    • No oil fill required
    • Utilizes non-linear elastomer spring/damper elements, which improve reliability and shorten maintenance cycles versus conventional metal spring with fluid compensation alternatives

Substantially fewer MWD shock events (red bars) with LORD Axial Isolator

Substantially fewer MWD shock events (red bars) with LORD Axial Isolator




Shock Count
Magnitude Without LORD Axial Isolator With LORD Axial Isolator
30-40g 1495 2
40-50g 70 0



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