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Protecting Electronics from Shock & Vibration

Product Information

LORD® Micro-Mounts® provide protection from shock and vibration at the electronic board level. These are high-performance isolators small enough and soft enough to protect individual electronic components allowing isolation at the circuit board level.

Made of BTR® (Broad Temperature Range) Silicone bonded to stainless-steel, these mounts are ideal for applications requiring consistent performance at extreme temperatures.

Micro-Mounts are perfect for severe applications requiring extended service life, such as:

  • Well intervention tools: well tractors and production logging tools
  • Wireline tools: open-hole and cased hole tools
  • LWD and MWD electronics: probe and collar-based tools
  • Subsea applications: control modules and electronics packages
  • Surface equipment electronics: electronic control packages and acquisition systems
  • Any printed circuit board (PCB)

Features and Benefits

  • Direct replacement for hard standoffs or potting
  • Consistent performance at high temperatures – 350F continuous (400F peak)
  • Multiple threads and end-fittings available to meet your needs
  • Easy installation – available inNut/Nut, Post/Nut and Post/Post


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