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Product Information

LORD® Pulser Sleeve and Bellows enhance reliability of MWD pulsers, letting you stay in the hole longer. The boot (bellows) is a protective cover to the servo poppet that shields the actuator. It can also serve as a sealing device to protect the actuator mechanism from drilling mud. Failure of the product can lead to faster erosion of the underlying components and can allow mud to infiltrate and pack off intricate mechanisms of the actuator. A more durable bellows will help prevent trips to replace the actuator.

The sleeve is a compensation membrane. If it fails, pulse can be lost requiring a trip out of the hole for pulser maintenance. The LORD bellows resists swelling in oil-based mud, so you can drill farther without interruption.

LORD bellows demonstrate resilience, retaining stiffness during fatigue testing, whereas competition drops 20%.

Features and Benefits

  • Customized elastomers specifically formulated for the conditions that each part experiences
  • Resist swelling in the harshest water-based and oil-based drilling muds
  • Reduce non-productive time to change out failed components
  • Temperature rated to 300°F continuous operation (350°F peak)
  • Proven aerospace manufacturing processes and quality systems


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