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Insert-Style & Annular Packers

Product Information

LORD® diverter elements are elastomeric packing elements that seal against drill pipe or an open hole to handle shallow gas kicks on offshore floating and jackup drilling rigs. With more reliable seals in your diverter, you can minimize nonproductive time.

We have two types of diverter designs: Insert-style to seal on specific drill pipe sizes and annular packers capable of complete shutoff (CSO).

Features and Benefits

  • Robust 21" ID CSO packer tested to 60 complete shutoffs without compromising sealing ability
  • Improved quality via our manufacturing techniques, process control and rigorous quality standards
  • Stable, reliable bonds
  • High-strength and abrasion-resistant elastomer compounds
  • 100% function test
  • Comprehensive data book supplied with every shipment
  • Our hyperelastic FEA modeling optimizes design




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