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Infographic: Telescopic Joint Packers That Save Money and Time in Offshore Drilling

Deepwater rigs use telescopic joints (TJ) or slip joints (SJ) to connect to a drilling riser and accommodate vertical motion from vessel heave. Elastomeric seals, or packers, interface between the inner and outer barrels of the joint. These seals experience a great deal of friction as the barrels move relative to one another and the seals therefore need to demonstrate high abrasion resistance to minimize material loss from this friction. Wear-resistant nitrile TJ packers have been shown to last 20X longer than traditional nitrile. See the difference it can make on your offshore drilling rigs.

TJ Packers Infographic

LORD TJ Packers are available in:
  • Wear-resistant nitrile
  • Soft wear-resistant nitrile, suitable for applications with a lower targeted stiffness
  • High-strength nitrile for outer energizing packers

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