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LORD® riser tensioner bearings are laminated bearings that react loads in the riser tensioner system. We have two types of bearings for riser tensioner systems: Riser Tensioner Cylinder Bearings and Riser Tensioner Frame Bearings.

Riser Tensioner Cylinder Bearings

    Riser Tensioner Cylinder Bearings are laminated elastomeric bearings located at the terminations of the cylinders. This technology is an improvement over hard bearings and shackle designs.

    • Reduces side loading on cylinders by 90% in normal operation and by over 99% in seized scenario.  Reduced loads translate to less wear on the seals, and thus less downtime to service the cylinders.
    • Eliminate stick-slip phenomenon associated with hard bearings and shackles
    • Lasts for 20-25 years
    • Easily adaptable to current systems
    • Can be used on push-up or pull-up configurations
    • Fielded on world’s first TLP in 1984


    Riser Tensioner Frame Bearing

    Riser Tensioner Frame Bearings are elastomeric bearings designed for survival events. They replace a traditional weld pad for mounting a riser tensioner frame or cassette to the deck.

    • Custom solutions available for any application
    • Reacts tensioner loads while accommodating motion in the radial plane
    • Minimizes stress on the deck and frame/cassette, saving weight by reducing the need for deck reinforcement
    • Combines proprietary design and elastomer formulation to handle high loads and motions in a small footprint
    • Prevents excessive motion during survival events


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