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Telescopic Joint (TJ) Packers

API 16F Certified

LORD wear-resistant TJ packers have passed the rigorous requirements of the second edition of API 16F. During the abrasive 50,000 cycle wear test, LORD packers lost less than 0.75% elastomer mass, representing more than a 13x margin to the 10% pass/fail criteria in Standard 16F.

Slip Joint Packers Head-to-Head Comparison

Laboratory and field-tests have confirmed that our wear-resistant TJ packers last longer than the standard nitrile packers used in many slip joints today. In abbreviated wear testing to 6,300 of the 50,000 cycles specified in Standard API 16F, our packer had no measurable wear, whereas a standard packer lost 7% of its thickness. Field-test results demonstrated that the wear-resistant TJ packer lasted 20 times longer than a standard TJ packer. For further details on these test results, see our Offshore Technology Conference paper.

With more reliable seals you can drill longer without interruption, eliminating the need to change out packers in the middle of a well. We offer a 12-month in-service warranty on our TJ packers and have packers in both solid and split configurations to fit most OEM riser styles.

Solid Telescopic Joint Packer
We offer a 12-month in-service warranty on our TJ packers.
Split Telescopic Joint Packer

LORD TJ Packers - Features and Benefits

  • Field-proven: wear-resistant nitriles outlast the standard nitriles employed in many TJ packers today
  • No change in actuation pressures or operating practices, unlike with urethanes
  • Compatible with water: retains 90% of tensile strength in swell testing, compared to only 10-15% for polyurethanes
  • Improved quality via our manufacturing techniques, process control, and rigorous quality standards
  • Stable, reliable bonds
  • Our hyperelastic FEA modeling optimizes design
LORD TJ Packers - Reduce Downtime for Deepwater Rigs with Improved Elastomers - CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION


Abrasion Comparison Chart with Wear-Resistant Nitrile





Abrasion Comparison per ASTM D3389
Packer Material Wear Index
mg lost/1000 cycles
LORD Wear Resistant Nitrile 8
LORD Soft Wear Resistant Nitrile 4
Standard Nitrile 1 185
Standard Nitrile 2 250
Polyurethane 70


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